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Melanoidins as major colourant in sugarcane molasses based distillery effluent and its degradation
R Chandra, RN Bharagava, V Rai
Bioresource technology 99 (11), 4648-4660
Decolourisation and detoxification of synthetic molasses melanoidins by individual and mixed cultures of< i> Bacillus</i> spp.
P Kumar, R Chandra
Bioresource technology 97 (16), 2096-2102
Characterisation and optimisation of three potential aerobic bacterial strains for kraft lignin degradation from pulp paper waste
R Chandra, A Raj, HJ Purohit, A Kapley
Chemosphere 67 (4), 839-846
Accumulation and distribution of toxic metals in wheat (< i> Triticum aestivum</i> L.) and Indian mustard (< i> Brassica campestris</i> L.) irrigated with distillery and tannery effluents
R Chandra, RN Bharagava, S Yadav, D Mohan
Journal of hazardous materials 162 (2), 1514-1521
Isolation and characterization of< i> Phragmites australis</i>(L.) rhizosphere bacteria from contaminated site for bioremediation of colored distillery effluent
S Chaturvedi, R Chandra, V Rai
Ecological Engineering 27 (3), 202-207
Hydrothermal pretreatment of rice straw biomass: a potential and promising method for enhanced methane production
R Chandra, H Takeuchi, T Hasegawa
Applied Energy 94, 129-140
Identification of low molecular weight aromatic compounds by gas chromatography–mass spectrometry (GC–MS) from kraft lignin degradation by three< i> Bacillus</i> sp.
A Raj, MM Krishna Reddy, R Chandra
International biodeterioration & biodegradation 59 (4), 292-296
Phytoextraction of trace elements and physiological changes in Indian mustard plants (< i> Brassica nigra</i> L.) grown in post methanated distillery effluent (PMDE) irrigated soil
RN Bharagava, R Chandra, V Rai
Bioresource technology 99 (17), 8316-8324
Decolourisation of anaerobically treated distillery effluent by activated charcoal adsorption method
R Chandra, PK Pandey
Indian Journal of Environmental Protection 21 (2), 134-137
Effect of distillery sludge on seed germination and growth parameters of green gram (< i> Phaseolus mungo</i> L.)
R Chandra, S Yadav, D Mohan
Journal of hazardous materials 152 (1), 431-439
Detoxification of distillery effluent through Bacillus thuringiensis (MTCC 4714) enhanced phytoremediation potential of Spirodela polyrrhiza (L.) Schliden
P Kumar, R Chandra
Bulletin of environmental contamination and toxicology 73 (5), 903-910
Properties of shrinkage estimators in linear regression when disturbances are not normal
A Ullah, VK Srivastava, R Chandra
Journal of Econometrics 21 (3), 389-402
Impact of anaerobically treated and untreated (raw) distillery effluent irrigation on soil microflora, growth, total chlorophyll and protein contents of Phaseolus aureus L.
R Chandra, K Kumar, J Singh
Journal of environmental biology/Academy of Environmental Biology, India 25 ...
Investigation of the biotransformation of pentachlorophenol and pulp paper mill effluent decolorisation by the bacterial strains in a mixed culture
S Singh, R Chandra, DK Patel, MMK Reddy, V Rai
Bioresource technology 99 (13), 5703-5709
Biodegradation of kraft-lignin by Bacillus sp. isolated from sludge of pulp and paper mill
A Raj, MMK Reddy, R Chandra, HJ Purohit, A Kapley
Biodegradation 18 (6), 783-792
Microbial decolourisation of pulp and paper mill effluent in presence of nitrogen and phosphorus by activated sludge process.
R Chandra
Journal of environmental biology/Academy of Environmental Biology, India 22 ...
Decolourisation and treatment of pulp and paper mill effluent by lignin‐degrading Bacillus sp.
A Raj, MM Reddy, R Chandra
Journal of Chemical Technology and Biotechnology 82 (4), 399-406
Adolescent mother--an unprepared child.
BD Bhatia, R Chandra
Indian journal of maternal and child health: official publication of Indian ...
Isolation and characterization of aerobic bacteria capable of the degradation of synthetic and natural melanoidins from distillery effluent
RN Bharagava, R Chandra, V Rai
World Journal of Microbiology and Biotechnology 25 (5), 737-744
Isolation and characterization of novel Serratia marcescens (AY927692) for pentachlorophenol degradation from pulp and paper mill waste
S Singh, R Chandra, DK Patel, V Rai
World Journal of Microbiology and Biotechnology 23 (12), 1747-1754
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