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An integrated physical and genetic map of the rice genome
M Chen, G Presting, WB Barbazuk, JL Goicoechea, B Blackmon, G Fang, ...
The Plant Cell Online 14 (3), 537-545
The tomato genome sequence provides insights into fleshy fruit evolution
Tomato Genome Consortium
Nature 485 (7400), 635-641
A simplified SDS—PAGE procedure for separating LMW subunits of glutenin
NK Singh, KW Shepherd, GB Cornish
Journal of Cereal Science 14 (3), 203-208
Linkage mapping of genes controlling endosperm storage proteins in wheat
NK Singh, KW Shepherd
Theoretical and Applied Genetics 75 (4), 628-641
The cumulative effect of allelic variation in LMW and HMW glutenin subunits on dough properties in the progeny of two bread wheats
RB Gupta, NK Singh, KW Shepherd
Theoretical and Applied Genetics 77 (1), 57-64
Use of sonication and size-exclusion HPLC in the study of wheat flour proteins. I. Dissolution of total proteins in unreduced form
NK Singh, GR Donovan, IL Batey, F MacRitchie
Cereal Chem 67, 150-161
The map-based sequence of the rice genome
IRGS Project
Nature 436 (7052), 793-800
Use of sonication and size-exclusion high-performance liquid chromatography in the study of wheat flour proteins. II. Relative quantity of glutenin as a measure of breadmaking quality.
NK Singh, R Donovan, F MacRitchie
Cereal Chemistry 67 (2), 161-170
The rice annotation project database (RAP-DB): 2008 update
T Tanaka, BA Antonio, S Kikuchi, T Matsumoto, Y Nagamura, H Numa, ...
Nucleic acids research 36 (Supp 1), D1028-D1033
The structure and genetic control of a new class of disulphide-linked proteins in wheat endosperm
NK Singh, KW Shepherd
Theoretical and applied genetics 71 (1), 79-92
Orphan legume crops enter the genomics era!
RK Varshney, TJ Close, NK Singh, DA Hoisington, DR Cook
Current opinion in plant biology 12 (2), 202-210
Curated genome annotation of Oryza sativa ssp. japonica and comparative genome analysis with Arabidopsis thaliana
T Itoh, T Tanaka, RA Barrero, C Yamasaki, Y Fujii, PB Hilton, BA Antonio, ...
Genome research 17 (2), 175-183
The tomato sequencing project, the first cornerstone of the International Solanaceae Project (SOL)
LA Mueller, SD Tanksley, JJ Giovannoni, J Van Eck, S Stack, D Choi, ...
Comparative and functional genomics 6 (3), 153-158
Linkage mapping of genes for resistance to leaf, stem and stripe rusts and ω-secalins on the short arm of rye chromosome 1R
NK Singh, KW Shepherd, RA McIntosh
Theoretical and applied genetics 80 (5), 609-616
High-resolution mapping, cloning and molecular characterization of the Pi-k h gene of rice, which confers resistance to Magnaporthe grisea
TR Sharma, MS Madhav, BK Singh, P Shanker, TK Jana, V Dalal, ...
Molecular Genetics and Genomics 274 (6), 569-578
Unigene derived microsatellite markers for the cereal genomes
SK Parida, KAR Kumar, V Dalal, NK Singh, T Mohapatra
Theoretical and applied genetics 112 (5), 808-817
Mapping of quantitative trait loci for basmati quality traits in rice (Oryza sativa L.)
Y Amarawathi, R Singh, AK Singh, VP Singh, T Mohapatra, TR Sharma, ...
Molecular Breeding 21 (1), 49-65
Combining bacterial blight resistance and Basmati quality characteristics by phenotypic and molecular marker-assisted selection in rice
M Joseph, S Gopalakrishnan, RK Sharma, VP Singh, AK Singh, NK Singh, ...
Molecular Breeding 13 (4), 377-387
A snapshot of the emerging tomato genome sequence
LA Mueller, RK Lankhorst, SD Tanksley, JJ Giovannoni, R White, ...
The Plant Genome 2 (1), 78-92
Suitability of mapped sequence tagged microsatellite site markers for establishing distinctness, uniformity and stability in aromatic rice
RK Singh, RK Sharma, AK Singh, VP Singh, NK Singh, SP Tiwari, ...
Euphytica 135 (2), 135-143
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