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Broad host range plasmids carrying the Escherichia coli lactose and galactose operons
J Lodge, J Fear, S Busby, P Gunasekaran, NR Kamini
FEMS microbiology letters 95 (2‐3), 271-276
Ethanol fermentation technology- Zymomonas mobilis
P Gunasekaran, KC Raj
Current Science 77 (1), 56-68
Optimization of medium composition for alkali-stable xylanase production by< i> Aspergillus fischeri</i> Fxn 1 in solid-state fermentation using central composite rotary design
SR Senthilkumar, B Ashokkumar, K Chandra Raj, P Gunasekaran
Bioresource Technology 96 (12), 1380-1386
Strategies for accessing soil metagenome for desired applications
J Rajendhran, P Gunasekaran
Biotechnology advances 26 (6), 576-590
Production of ethanol from liquefied cassava starch using co-immobilized cells of< i> Zymomonas mobilis</i> and< i> Saccharomyces diastaticus</i>
R Amutha, P Gunasekaran
Journal of bioscience and bioengineering 92 (6), 560-564
Toxicity assessment and microbial degradation of azo dyes
N Puvaneswari, J Muthukrishnan, P Gunasekaran
Indian journal of experimental biology 44 (8), 618
High molecular weight cellulase-free xylanase from alkali-tolerant< i> Aspergillus fumigatus</i> AR1
T Anthony, K Chandra Raj, A Rajendran, P Gunasekaran
Enzyme and Microbial Technology 32 (6), 647-654
Cloning and sequencing of the sacA gene: characterization of a sucrase from Zymomonas mobilis.
P Gunasekaran, T Karunakaran, B Cami, AG Mukundan, L Preziosi, ...
Journal of bacteriology 172 (12), 6727-6735
Optimization of media for β-fructofuranosidase production by< i> Aspergillus niger</i> in submerged and solid state fermentation
B Ashokkumar, N Kayalvizhi, P Gunasekaran
Process Biochemistry 37 (4), 331-338
Production of pectinases by Aspergillus niger in solid state fermentation at high initial glucose concentrations
S Solis-Pereyra, E Favela-Torres, M Gutierrez-Rojas, S Roussos, ...
World Journal of Microbiology and Biotechnology 12 (3), 257-260
Production and structural characterization of crystalline silver nanoparticles from< i> Bacillus cereus</i> isolate
MM Ganesh Babu, P Gunasekaran
Colloids and surfaces B: Biointerfaces 74 (1), 191-195
Genotyping of antifungal compounds producing plant growth-promoting rhizobacteria, Pseudomonas fluorescens
NR Kumar, VT Arasu, P Gunasekaran
Current Science 82 (12), 1463-1466
Recent biotechnological interventions for developing improved penicillin G acylases
J Rajendhran, P Gunasekaran
Journal of bioscience and bioengineering 97 (1), 1-13
Biodegradation of tannic acid by Citrobacter freundii isolated from a tannery effluent
RA Kumar, P Gunasekaran, M Lakshmanan
Journal of basic microbiology 39 (3), 161-168
Transfer and expression of an Erwinia chrysanthemi cellulase gene in Zymomonas mobilis
N Brestic-Goachet, P Gunasekaran, B Cami, JC Baratti
Journal of general microbiology 135 (4), 893-902
Microbial phylogeny and diversity: small subunit ribosomal RNA sequence analysis and beyond
J Rajendhran, P Gunasekaran
Microbiological research 166 (2), 99-110
Purification and characterization of a β-1, 4-glucosidase from a newly isolated strain of Fomitopsis pinicola
AR Joo, M Jeya, KM Lee, WI Sim, JS Kim, IW Kim, YS Kim, DK Oh, ...
Applied microbiology and biotechnology 83 (2), 285-294
Induction and accumulation of phytoalexins in cowpea roots infected with a mycorrhizal fungusGlomus fasciculatum and their resistance toFusarium wilt disease
P Sundaresan, NU Raja, P Gunasekaran
Journal of biosciences 18 (2), 291-301
Influence of medium components and fermentation conditions on the production of bacteriocin (s) by< i> Bacillus licheniformis</i> AnBa9
T Anthony, T Rajesh, N Kayalvizhi, P Gunasekaran
Bioresource technology 100 (2), 872-877
Isolation of a novel high erythritol-producing Pseudozyma tsukubaensis and scale-up of erythritol fermentation to industrial level
M Jeya, KM Lee, MK Tiwari, JS Kim, P Gunasekaran, SY Kim, IW Kim, ...
Applied microbiology and biotechnology 83 (2), 225-231
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