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Adsorptive removal of direct azo dye from aqueous phase onto coal based sorbents: a kinetic and mechanistic study
S Venkata Mohan, N Chandrasekhar Rao, J Karthikeyan
Journal of hazardous materials 90 (2), 189-204
Effect of various pretreatment methods on anaerobic mixed microflora to enhance biohydrogen production utilizing dairy wastewater as substrate
S Venkata Mohan, V Lalit Babu, PN Sarma
Bioresource technology 99 (1), 59-67
Treatment of simulated Reactive Yellow 22 (Azo) dye effluents using< i> Spirogyra</i> species
S Venkata Mohan, N Chandrasekhar Rao, K Krishna Prasad, ...
Waste Management 22 (6), 575-582
Removal of lignin and tannin colour from aqueous solution by adsorption onto activated charcoal
SV Mohan, J Karthikeyan
Environmental Pollution 97 (1), 183-187
Anaerobic biohydrogen production from dairy wastewater treatment in sequencing batch reactor (AnSBR): effect of organic loading rate
S Venkata Mohan, V Lalit Babu, PN Sarma
Enzyme and Microbial Technology 41 (4), 506-515
Rainwater chemistry at a regional representative urban site: influence of terrestrial sources on ionic composition
P Chandra Mouli, S Venkata Mohan, SJ Reddy
Atmospheric environment 39 (6), 999-1008
Bioelectricity production from wastewater treatment in dual chambered microbial fuel cell (MFC) using selectively enriched mixed microflora: effect of catholyte
S Venkata Mohan, R Saravanan, SV Raghavulu, G Mohanakrishna, ...
Bioresource technology 99 (3), 596-603
Bioaugmentation of an anaerobic sequencing batch biofilm reactor (AnSBBR) with immobilized sulphate reducing bacteria (SRB) for the treatment of sulphate bearing chemical wastewater
SV Mohan, NC Rao, KK Prasad, PN Sarma
Process Biochemistry 40 (8), 2849-2857
Biohydrogen production from chemical wastewater as substrate by selectively enriched anaerobic mixed consortia: influence of fermentation pH and substrate composition
S Venkata Mohan, Y Vijaya Bhaskar, P Murali Krishna, ...
International Journal of Hydrogen Energy 32 (13), 2286-2295
Bioremediation technologies for treatment of PAH-contaminated soil and strategies to enhance process efficiency
SV Mohan, T Kisa, T Ohkuma, RA Kanaly, Y Shimizu
Reviews in Environmental Science and Bio/Technology 5 (4), 347-374
Laccase production by< i> Pleurotus</i>< i> ostreatus</i> 1804: Optimization of submerged culture conditions by Taguchi DOE methodology
KK Prasad, SV Mohan, RS Rao, BR Pati, PN Sarma
Biochemical Engineering Journal 24 (1), 17-26
Biohydrogen production from chemical wastewater treatment by selectively enriched anaerobic mixed consortia in biofilm configured reactor operated in periodic discontinuous batch mode
S Venkata Mohan, Y Vijaya Bhaskar, PN Sarma
Water Res 41 (12), 2652-64
Acid azo dye degradation by free and immobilized horseradish peroxidase (HRP) catalyzed process
SV Mohan, KK Prasad, NC Rao, PN Sarma
Chemosphere 58 (8), 1097-1105
Bioelectricity generation from chemical wastewater treatment in mediatorless (anode) microbial fuel cell (MFC) using selectively enriched hydrogen producing mixed culture under acidophilic microenvironment
S Venkata Mohan, G Mohanakrishna, BP Reddy, R Saravanan, ...
Biochemical Engineering Journal 39 (1), 121-130
Bioelectricity production by mediatorless microbial fuel cell under acidophilic condition using wastewater as substrate: Influence of substrate loading rate.
S Venkata Mohan, S Veer Raghavulu, S Srikanth, PN Sarma
Current Science 92 (12)
Removal of fluoride from aqueous phase by biosorption onto algal biosorbent< i> Spirogyra</i> sp.-< i> IO2</i>: Sorption mechanism elucidation
S Venkata Mohan, SV Ramanaiah, B Rajkumar, PN Sarma
Journal of hazardous materials 141 (3), 465-474
Development of acetylcholinesterase silica sol–gel immobilized biosensor—an application towards oxydemeton methyl detection
K Anitha, SV Mohan, SJ Reddy
Biosensors and bioelectronics 20 (4), 848-856
Effect of anodic metabolic function on bioelectricity generation and substrate degradation in single chambered microbial fuel cell
SV Mohan, G Mohanakrishna, PN Sarma
Environmental Science & Technology 42 (21), 8088-8094
Treatment of complex chemical wastewater in a sequencing batch reactor (SBR) with an aerobic suspended growth configuration
SV Mohan, NC Rao, KK Prasad, BTV Madhavi, PN Sharma
Process Biochemistry 40 (5), 1501-1508
Harnessing of biohydrogen from wastewater treatment using mixed fermentative consortia: process evaluation towards optimization
S Venkata Mohan
International Journal of Hydrogen Energy 34 (17), 7460-7474
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