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Tuning of an optimal fuzzy PID controller with stochastic algorithms for networked control systems with random time delay
I Pan, S Das, A Gupta
ISA transactions 50 (1), 28-36
On the selection of tuning methodology of FOPID controllers for the control of higher order processes
S Das, S Saha, S Das, A Gupta
ISA transactions 50 (3), 376-388
Saptarshi Das, Ratna Ghosh, Bhaswati Goswami, R. Balasubramanian, AK Chandra, Shantanu Das, Amitava Gupta
S Saha
Design of a Fractional Order Phase Shaper for Iso-Damped Control of a PHWR ...
A novel fractional order fuzzy PID controller and its optimal time domain tuning based on integral performance indices
S Das, I Pan, S Das, A Gupta
Engineering Applications of Artificial Intelligence 25 (2), 430-442
Handling packet dropouts and random delays for unstable delayed processes in NCS by optimal tuning of PIλDμ controllers with evolutionary algorithms
I Pan, S Das, A Gupta
ISA Transactions 50 (4), 557-572
Fractional order phase shaper design with Bode's integral for iso-damped control system
S Saha, S Das, R Ghosh, B Goswami, R Balasubramanian, AK Chandra, ...
ISA transactions 49 (2), 196-206
Load balancing for spatial-grid-based parallel numeric simulations on clusters of SMPs
H Gao, A Schmidt, A Gupta, P Luksch
Parallel, Distributed and Network-Based Processing, 2003. Proceedings ...
Network control system applied to a large pressurized heavy water reactor
M Das, R Ghosh, B Goswami, A Gupta, AP Tiwari, R Balasubrmanian, ...
Nuclear Science, IEEE Transactions on 53 (5), 2948-2956
Multi-loop networked process control: A synchronized approach
M Das, R Ghosh, B Goswami, AK Chandra, R Balasubramanian, ...
ISA transactions 48 (1), 122-131
Improved model reduction and tuning of fractional-order controllers for analytical rule extraction with genetic programming
S Das, I Pan, S Das, A Gupta
ISA Transactions 51 (2), 237
Exergy-based performance analysis for proper O&M decisions in a steam power plant
TK Ray, A Datta, A Gupta, R Ganguly
Energy Conversion and Management 51 (6), 1333-1344
Exergy analysis for performance optimization of a steam turbine cycle
TK Ray, R Ganguly, A Gupta
Power Engineering Society Conference and Exposition in Africa, 2007 ...
Identification of the core temperature in a fractional order noisy environment for thermal feedback in nuclear reactors
S Das, S Mukherjee, I Pan, A Gupta
Students' Technology Symposium (TechSym), 2011 IEEE, 180-186
A study on multivariable process control using message passing across embedded controllers
M Das, A Banerjee, R Ghosh, B Goswami, R Balasubramanian, ...
ISA transactions 46 (2), 247-253
LQR based improved discrete PID controller design via optimum selection of weighting matrices using fractional order integral performance index
S Das, I Pan, K Halder, S Das, A Gupta
Applied Mathematical Modelling 37 (6), 4253-4268
A conformal mapping based fractional order approach for sub-optimal tuning of PID controllers with guaranteed dominant pole placement
S Saha, S Das, S Das, A Gupta
Communications in Nonlinear Science and Numerical Simulation 17 (9), 3628-3642
Master-slave chaos synchronization via optimal fractional order PI λ D μ controller with bacterial foraging algorithm
S Das, I Pan, S Das, A Gupta
Nonlinear Dynamics 69 (4), 2193-2206
Impact of fractional order integral performance indices in LQR based PID controller design via optimum selection of weighting matrices
S Das, I Pan, K Halder, A Gupta
Computer Communication and Informatics (ICCCI), 2012 International ...
Revisiting oustaloup's recursive filter for analog realization of fractional order differintegrators
S Das, I Pan, S Saha, A Kumar, A Gupta
Energy, Automation, and Signal (ICEAS), 2011 International Conference on, 1-6
Optimizing continued fraction expansion based iir realization of fractional order differ-integrators with genetic algorithm
S Das, B Majumder, A Pakhira, I Pan, A Gupta
Process Automation, Control and Computing (PACC), 2011 International ...
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