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Natural Korean medicine dang-gui: biosynthesis, effective extraction and formulations of major active pyranocoumarins, their molecular action mechanism in cancer, and other …
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PgPAP18, a heat-inducible novel purple acid phosphatase 18-like gene (PgPAP18-like) from Pennisetum glaucum, may play a crucial role in environmental stress …
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Improving Flavour and Quality of Tomatoes by Expression of Synthetic Gene Encoding Sweet Protein Monellin
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Molecular Biotechnology, 2015
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Efficient Bioremediation of Aluminium by using Ecofriendly Cyanobacteria from heavy metal contaminated water
Oleti Murali, Chinreddy Subramanyam Reddy
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S Pandey, YK Negi, S Chinreddy, K Sathelly, S Arora, T Kaul
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Molecular Characterization of Terpenoid Biosynthetic Genes and Terpenoid Accumulation in Phlomis umbrosa Turczaninow
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Unravelling the regulation of somatic embryogenesis by extracellular calcium and auxin efflux blockers in hypocotyl explants of Albizzia lebbeck L.: similarity in action
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Chitin Biosynthesis Inhibition of Meloidogyne incognita by RNAi-Mediated Gene Silencing Increases Resistance to Transgenic Tobacco Plants
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Phytate-Free Food Crops: Phytases—The Game Changers for Alleviation of Micronutrient Malnutrition and Improved Nutrition
T Kaul, NM Raman, M Eswaran, CS Reddy, R Kaul, AP Thangaraj, ...
Nutritional Quality Improvement in Plants, 401-411, 2019
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