Zeinab Arzehgar
Zeinab Arzehgar
Ph.D. in Organic Chemistry, Ilam University and Payame Noor University
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The effects of Ni or Nb additions on the relaxation behavior of Zr55Cu35Al10 metallic glass
QH Pham, S Chupradit, G Widjaja, MS Alhassan, R Magizov, YF Mustafa, ...
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Zn3(BTC)2 as a Highly Efficient Reusable Catalyst for the Synthesis of 2‐Aryl‐1H‐Benzimidazole
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Applications of iron and nickel immobilized on hydroxyapatite‐core‐shell γ‐Fe2O3 as a nanomagnetic catalyst for the chemoselective oxidation of sulfides to …
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Silver functionalized on hydroxyapatite-core-shell magnetic γ-Fe2O3: an enviromentaly and readily recyclable nanatalyst for the one-pot synthesis of 14H-dibenzo [a, j …
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An efficient one-pot method for the direct synthesis of organic disulfides from aryl/alkyl halides in the presence of CuCl using morpholin-4-ium morpholine-4-carbo-dithioate
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HKUST-1 as an efficient and reusable heterogeneous catalyst for synthesis of 1, 4-dihydropyridine at room temperature
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Zn3(BTC)2 as a metal–organic framework and effective catalyst for the regioselective β-azidoalcohols and β-thiocyanohydrins of epoxides in water
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A convenient one‐pot method for the synthesis of symmetrical dialkyl trithiocarbonates using NH4OAc under mild neutral conditions
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Ni‐Catalyzed Cross‐Coupling Reaction: The Direct Synthesis of Symmetrical Disulfanes from Aryl and Primary Alkyl Halides
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TBAH-catalyzed one-pot synthesis of symmetrical trithiocarbonates from alkyl halides and carbon disulfide under neat aqueous conditions
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A review study on chemical properties and food indexes of mastic Oil compared with Olive, sunflower and canola oils. The Ilamian traditional uses of mastic
M Soleiman-Beigi, Z Arzehgar
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ZnO Nanoparticles: A Highly Efficient and Recyclable Catalyst for Tandem Knoevenagel-Michael-Cyclocondensation Reaction
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Electrochemical detection of sulfite in food samples
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Regio-and Chemoselective Synthesis of 5-Aroyl-NH-1, 3-oxazolidine-2-thiones
S Sadegh-Malvajerd, Z Arzehgar, F Nikpour
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Metal-Organic Framework Zn3(BTC)2: As Recyclable and heterogeneous Catalyst for the Synthesis of 1,5-Benzodiazepine Compounds
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Condensation Reaction of Ethyl 4-Oxo-4H-benzo[d][1,3]oxazine-2-carboxylates with Potassium Cyanate: 2,4(1H,3H)-Quinazolinediones Synthesis
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Evaluation of Cholesterol Thickness of Blood Vessels Using Photoacoustic Technology
AZ Salih AK, Alwan AH, Opulencia MJC, Uinarni H, Khamidova FM, Atiyah MS ...
BioMed Research International 2023, 1-9, 2023
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