Dr. Santosh L. Gaonkar
Dr. Santosh L. Gaonkar
Senior Associate Professor, Manipal Institute of Technology
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Synthesis and antimicrobial studies of a new series of 2-{4-[2-(5-ethylpyridin-2-yl) ethoxy] phenyl}-5-substituted-1, 3, 4-oxadiazoles
SL Gaonkar, KML Rai, B Prabhuswamy
European journal of medicinal chemistry 41 (7), 841-846, 2006
Synthesis of novel 3-[5-ethyl-2-(2-phenoxy-ethyl)-pyridin]-5-substituted isoxazoline libraries via 1, 3-dipolar cycloaddition and evaluation of antimicrobial activities
SL Gaonkar, KML Rai, B Prabhuswamy
Medicinal Chemistry Research 15 (7), 407-417, 2007
Microwave-assisted synthesis of N-alkylated benzotriazole derivatives: Antimicrobial studies
SN Swamy, G Sarala, BS Priya, SL Gaonkar, JS Prasad, KS Rangappa
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Growth inhibition and induction of apoptosis in MCF-7 breast cancer cells by a new series of substituted-1, 3, 4-oxadiazole derivatives
A Kumar, SS D’Souza, SL Gaonkar, KML Rai, BP Salimath
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Microwave-assisted synthesis of the antihyperglycemic drug rosiglitazone
SL Gaonkar, H Shimizu
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Synthesis and pharmacological properties of chalcones: a review
SL Gaonkar, UN Vignesh
Research on Chemical Intermediates, 1-35, 2017
Antiangiogenic and antiproliferative effects of substituted-1, 3, 4-oxadiazole derivatives is mediated by down regulation of VEGF and inhibition of translocation of HIF-1α in …
A Kumar, SS D’Souza, SR Mysore Nagaraj, SL Gaonkar, BP Salimath, ...
Cancer chemotherapy and pharmacology 64 (6), 1221-1233, 2009
Synthesis of new series of 5, 6-dihydro-4H-1, 2-oxazines via hetero Diels–Alder reaction and evaluation of antimicrobial activity
MK Manjula, KML Rai, SL Gaonkar, KA Raveesha, S Satish
European journal of medicinal chemistry 44 (1), 280-288, 2009
Microwave-assisted synthesis and evaluation of anti-inflammatory activity of new series of N-substituted 2-butyl-5-chloro-3 H-imidazole-4-carbaldehyde derivatives
SL Gaonkar, KM Lokanatha Rai, N Suchetha Shetty
Medicinal Chemistry Research 18 (3), 221-230, 2009
Synthesis and screening for acetylcholinesterase inhibitor activity of some novel 2-butyl-1, 3-diaza-spiro [4, 4] non-1-en-4-ones: derivatives of irbesartan key intermediate
CV Kavitha, SL Gaonkar, JNNS Chandra, CT Sadashiva, KS Rangappa
Bioorganic & medicinal chemistry 15 (23), 7391-7398, 2007
A new method for the generation of azoalkenes from ketohydrazones and its application to the synthesis of tetrahydropyridazine derivatives
SL Gaonkar, KML Rai
Tetrahedron letters 46 (35), 5969-5970, 2005
Synthesis, characterization, antimicrobial and single crystal X-ray crystallographic studies of some new sulfonyl, 4-chloro phenoxy benzene and dibenzoazepine substituted …
BS Priya, SN Swamy, MV Tejesvi, G Sarala, SL Gaonkar, S Naveen, ...
European journal of medicinal chemistry 41 (11), 1262-1270, 2006
Understanding corrosion inhibition of mild steel in acid medium by new benzonitriles: insights from experimental and computational studies
A Chaouiki, H Lgaz, IM Chung, IH Ali, SL Gaonkar, KS Bhat, R Salghi, ...
Journal of Molecular Liquids 266, 603-616, 2018
A new method for the generation of α‐nitrosoolefins from ketooximes and its application to the synthesis of 5,6‐dihydro‐4H‐1,2‐oxazine derivatives
SL Gaonkar, KML Rai
Journal of heterocyclic chemistry 42 (5), 877-881, 2005
Multicomponent One-pot Green Synthesis of 1-Amidoalkyl-2-naphthols Promoted by p-Nitrobenzoic Acid Under Solvent-free Condition
T Li, X Zhai, D Singh, RK Singh, X Xu
Asian Journal of Chemistry 26 (16), 5207, 2014
1, 2, 4-Triazoles: synthetic strategies and pharmacological profiles
B Namratha, SL Gaonkar
International Journal of Pharmacy and Pharmaceutical Sciences 8, 73-80, 2014
Neutralization of Haemorrhagic Activity of Viper Venoms by 1‐(3‐Dimethylaminopropyl)‐1‐(4‐Fluorophenyl)‐3‐Oxo‐1, 3‐Dihydroisobenzofuran‐5‐Carbonitrile
K Sunitha, M Hemshekhar, SL Gaonkar, M Sebastin Santhosh, ...
Basic & Clinical Pharmacology & Toxicology 109 (4), 292-299, 2011
Synthesis of thioesters and thioamides under solvothermal condition using thiourea as thionating agent
E Aparna, KML Rai, M Sureshbabu, RL Jagadish, SL Gaonkar, K Byrappa
Journal of materials science 41 (5), 1391-1393, 2006
N-substituted-2-butyl-5-chloro-3H-imidazole-4-carbaldehyde derivatives as anti-tumor agents against Ehrlich ascites tumor cells in vivo
C Anil Kumar, S Nanjunda Swamy, SL Gaonkar, BP Salimath, ...
Medicinal Chemistry 3 (3), 269-276, 2007
A facile synthesis of N-substituted 2, 5-dimethylpyrroles with saccharin as a green catalyst
N Bhandari, SL Gaonkar
Chemistry of Heterocyclic Compounds 51 (4), 320-323, 2015
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