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A Valente, G Stoclet, F Bonnet, A Mortreux, M Visseaux, P Zinck
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Modification of starch by graft copolymerization
J Meimoun, V Wiatz, R Saint‐Loup, J Parcq, A Favrelle, F Bonnet, P Zinck
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Non-hindered ansasamarocenes, versatile catalysts for diene/olefin/polar monomer copolymerisations. What is really the active species?
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The first rare earth organometallic complex of 1, 4, 7-trithiacyclononane: a precursor to unique cationic ethylene and α-olefin polymerisation catalysts supported by an all …
CS Tredget, F Bonnet, AR Cowley, P Mountford
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F Jaroschik, F Bonnet, XF Le Goff, L Ricard, F Nief, M Visseaux
Dalton Transactions 39 (29), 6761-6766, 2010
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