Chemical Methodologies
Chemical Methodologies
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Silica Boron Sulfonic Acid as a New and Efficient Catalyst for the Green Synthesis of Quinoxaline Derivatives at Room Temperature
S Sajjadifar
Chemical Methodologies 1 (1), 1-11, 2017
Prediction Of The Structural And Spectral Properties And Reactivity Of The Silicon Analogs Of Cyclobutadiene C4-nSinH4 (n= 0-4) By Density Functional Theory Computations
M Nabati
Chemical Methodologies 1 (2), 87-193, 2017
Synthesis and Characterization of Nano Sized ZnO and CdO by Direct Thermal Decomposition of Their Nano Sized Metal Schiff base Complexes
I Sheikhshoaie, S Ramezanpour, M Sheikhshoaei
Chemical Methodologies 2 (2), 103-113, 2018
Insight into the Stability, Reactivity, Structural and Spectral Properties of the Anti, Syn-endo and Syn-exo Isomers of Bis(N-ethoxy-N-ethyl-dithiocarbamato)Nitrido Technetium …
M Nabati
chemical methodologies 2 (3), 223-238, 2018
Rapid Synthesis of a Nano-sized Copper (II) Oxide by Calcination of the Cu (II) Schiff base Complex
I Sheikhshoaie, S Davaria, S Ramezanpour
Chemical Methodologies 2 (1), 47-55, 2018
Approach to Chemometrics Models by Artificial Neural Network for Structure: First Applications for Estimation Retention Time of Doping Agent
M Shahpar, S Esmaeilpoor
Chemical Methodologies 1 (2), 105-127, 2017
Cyclic Voltammetry for the Interaction between Bismuth Nitrate and Methyl Red in Potassium Nitrate Solutions
EA Gomaa, MH Mahmoud, MG Mousa, EM El-Dahshan
Chemical Methodologies 3 (1), 1-11, 2019
Theoretical Investigation on the Antitumor Drug: ThioTEPA and its Interaction with S-donor Biomolecules and DNA Purine Bases
M Nabati, M Kermanian, H Mohammadnejad-Mehrabani, HR Kafshboran, ...
Chemical Methodologies 2 (2), 132-145, 2018
New Organic Compounds based on Biphenyl for Photovoltaic Devices: DFT theoretical investigation
W Saidi, T Abram, L Bejjit, M Bouachrine
chemical methodologies 2 (3), 247-259, 2018
Synthesis and Characterization of Novel Composite-Based Phthalocyanine Used as Efficient Photocatalyst for the Degradation of Methyl Orange
H Salavati, A Teimouri, S Kazemi
Chemical Methodologies 1 (1), 15-31, 2017
Characterization of Catalyst: Comparison of BrØnsted and Lewis Acidic Power in Boron Sulfonic Acid as a Heterogeneous Catalyst in Green Synthesis of Quinoxaline Derivatives
S Sajjadifar, K Pal, H Jabbari, O Pouralimardan, F Divsar, ...
Chemical Methodologies 3 (2), 226-236, 2019
Estimation of LLE Data for Binary Systems of N-Formylmorpholine with Alkanes Using Artificial Neural Network–Genetic Algorithm (ANN–GA) Model
R Beigzadeh
Chemical Methodologies 3 (1), 67-82, 2019
Computational NQR−NBO Parameters and DFT Calculations of Ampicillin and Zwitterion (Monomer and Dimer Structures)
N Ahmadinejad, MT Trai
Chemical Methodologies 3 (1), 55-66, 2019
Estimation of Anti-dengue Phytochemical Markers Gallic acid, Rutin and Quercetin in Methanolic Extract of Euphorbia hirta (L.) and Tawa-Tawa Capsule Formulation by Validated RP …
A Suganthi, R T.K
Chemical Methodologies 3 (1), 43-54, 2019
Iron (III) Phosphate catalyzed the synthesis of 4-quinolones
FK Behbahani, S Samadi
Chemical Methodologies 2 (3), 171-187, 2018
A Comparative Study for Adsorption of Alizarin Red S from Aqueous Samples by Magnetic Nanoparticles of Fe3O4, CoFe2O4 and Ionic Liquid-Modified Fe3O4
S Kamran, NA Shiri
Chemical Methodologies 2 (1), 24-38, 2018
Prediction of Atmospheric Corrosion of Ancient Door Knockers via Neural Networks
S Houshmandynia, R Raked, F Golbabaei
Chemical Methodologies 2 (4), 324-332, 2018
Investigation of NMR parameters of para-sulfonato-calix[4]arene by HF calculation
H Sadegh, M Sayadian
chemical methodologies 2 (3), 239-246, 2018
Efficient Synthesis of β-Lactam-Containing α-Aminophosphonates Using Fumaric Acid as Mild Catalyst
VB Vangala, H Pati
Chemical Methodologies 2 (4), 333-340, 2018
Study of quantitative structure-activity relationship (QSAR) of diarylaniline analogues as in vitro anti-HIV-1 agents in pharmaceutical interest
M Bouachrin, Y Bouakarai, F Khalil
Chemical Methodologies 1 (2), 185-209, 2017
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