Chemical Methodologies
Chemical Methodologies
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Green Chemistry: Principles, Applications, and Disadvantages
W Abdussalam-Mohammed, AQ Ali, AO Errayes
Chemical Methodologies 4 (4), 408-423, 2020
Green Synthesis of ZnO Nanoparticles via Sol-gel Method and Investigation of Its Application in Solvent-free Synthesis of 12-Aryl-tetrahydrobenzo[α]xanthene-11-one Derivatives …
ST Fardood, A Ramazani, F Moradnia, Z Afshari, S Ganjkhanlu, FY Zare
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Synthesis of 2-Amino-4H-chromene Derivatives under Solvent-Free Condition Using MOF-5
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Preparation of Xanthan Magnetic Biocompatible Nano-Composite for Removal of Ni^2+ from Aqueous Solution
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Cu Nanoparticle: Synthesis, Characterization and Application
NS Powar, VJ Patel, PK Pagare, RS Pandav
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Water Purification Using Nanotechnology an Emerging Opportunities
S Chaturvedi, PN Dave
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Adsorption of Tetryl on the Surface of B12N12: A Comprehensive DFT Study
MRJ Sarvestani, R Ahmadi
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An Introduction to Nanotechnology and Drug Delivery
A Hatami, A Heydarinasab, A Akbarzadehkhiyavi, FP Shariati
Chemical Methodologies 5 (2), 153-165, 2021
A New Electrochemical Approach for the Determination of Phenylhydrazine in Water and Wastewater Samples using Amplified Carbon Paste Electrode
M Montazarolmahdi, M Masrournia, A Nezhadali
Chemical Methodologies 4 (6), 732-742, 2020
The Dispersive Solid-Phase Extraction of Fluoxetine Drug from Biological Samples by the Amine-Functionalized Carbon Nanotubes with HPLC Method
A Moghimi, M Abniki
Chemical Methodologies 5 (3), 250-258, 2021
Silica Boron Sulfonic Acid as a New and Efficient Catalyst for the Green Synthesis of Quinoxaline Derivatives at Room Temperature
S Sajjadifar, I Amini, T Amoozadeh
Chemical Methodologies 1 (1), 1-11, 2017
Electrochemical Determination of Doxorubicin in Injection Samples Using Paste Electrode Amplified with Reduced Graphene Oxide/Fe3O4 Nanocomposite and 1-Hexyl-3 …
M Motahharinia, HA Zamani, H Karimi-Maleh
Chemical Methodologies 5 (2), 107-113, 2021
Removal of Methylene Blue from Aqueous Solutions using Nano-Magnetic Adsorbent Based on Zinc-Doped Cobalt Ferrite
I Amar, A Sharif, M Ali, S Alshareef, F Altohami, M Abdulqadir, MM Ahwidi
Chemical Methodologies 4 (1), 1-18, 2020
Effective SWCNTs/Nafion Electrochemical Sensor for Detection of Dicapthon Pesticide in Water and Agricultural Food Samples
P Prasad, A P, P K, NY Sreedhar
chemical methodologies 2 (4), 277-290, 2018
Investigation of the Chemistry of Metformin by Targeting the Nrf2 Signaling Pathway (A response Surface Methodology Approach)
R Alimoradzadeh, N Moosavi, A Karimkoshteh, Z sadeghi, M Milanifard, ...
Chemical Methodologies 6 (3), 166-173, 2022
Fe3O4 Bonded Pyridinium-3-carboxylic acid-N-sulfonic Acid Chloride as an Efficient Catalyst for the Synthesis of 3,4-dihydropyrimidin-2(1H)-ones
A Khazaei, F Gohari-Ghalil, M Tavasoli, M Rezaei-Gohar, ...
Chemical Methodologies 4 (5), 543-553, 2020
Metal-Organic Frameworks (MOFs): Recent Advances in Synthetic Methodologies and Some Applications
A Anumah, H Louis, Saud-uz- Zafar, AT Hamzat, OO Amusan, AI Pigweh, ...
Chemical Methodologies 3 (3), 283-305, 2019
The Activity of Alkyl Groups in Morpholinium Cation on Chemical Reactivity, and Biological Properties of Morpholinium Tetrafluroborate Ionic Liquid Using the DFT Method
MJ Islam, A Kumer, S Paul, MN Sarker
Chemical Methodologies 4 (2), 130-142, 2020
A Comparative Study for Adsorption of Alizarin Red S from Aqueous Samples by Magnetic Nanoparticles of Fe3O4, CoFe2O4 and Ionic Liquid-Modified Fe3O4
S Kamran, NA Shiri
Chemical Methodologies 2 (1), 24-38, 2018
Electrochemical Determination of Folic Acid in Fruit Juices Samples Using Electroanalytical Sensor Amplified with CuO/SWCNTs and 1-Butyl-2,3-dimethylimidazolium Hexafluorophosphate
H Sadeghi, SA Shahidi, SN Raeisi, A Ghorbani-HasanSaraei, F Karimi
Chemical Methodologies 4 (6), 743-753, 2020
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