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Do Goal Directed Therapies Improve Postoperative Outcome in Children? (Perioperative Goal Directed Fluid and Hemodynamic Therapy; Transfusion goal directed therapy using …
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Childhood Overweight and Obesity in Sub-Saharan Africa : Current Definition, Prevalence and Risk Factors.
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Pityriasis Rubra Pilar with Preceeding Herpes Infection in Childhood - Successful Treatment with Methotrexate Priscilla Filippo Alvim de Minas Santos. Published: ; Volume 3 …
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Typologies of Preponderant Mindset among Single Parents of Children with ADHD
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Acid-Base Disturbances: A Key Concept to Prevent Life-Threatening State of Sick Children
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Hyperkinetic Syndrome in Adolescent with HIV-Infection
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The Morbidity of Anaemia in Children with Colostomies
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Introducing the One-Pot-Amine-Thiol-Ene Reaction to Develop Redox Responsive Nanocarriers for its Potential Use in Anticancer Drug Release
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Trans-thoracic Aortic Peak Velocity Variation for Goal Directed Fluid and Hemodynamic Therapy in Children and Postoperative Outcome: A Multicentric Randomized Controlled Trial …
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Traumatic Ventral Hypogastric Hernia: A Case Report and Review of Literature in Pediatrics
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Potential Armamentarium to Contain COVID-19 Pandemic in Developing Countries: Be Prepared and Act Timely!
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Severe Malarial Anaemia in Children in Sokoto, Nigeria
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Fix U.S. Healthcare by Dislodging Washington
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Early Suspicion of Haemophagocytic Lymphohistiocytosis Syndrome Following Influenza a Infection Complicated to ARDS Leading to Intact Survival
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Clinico-Electroencephalographic Features of Children with Unprovoked Afebrile Seizures in
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Suction: Most Neglected Part of Equipment Check-Up
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Ileocaecal Tuberculosis in A Nigerian Child: A Case Report
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A Sample Case of Treatment of a Preadolescent with Pervasive Developmental Disorder in Milan in 2013.
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