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Controlled synthesis of different morphologies of MgO and their use as solid base catalysts
N Sutradhar, A Sinhamahapatra, SK Pahari, P Pal, HC Bajaj, ...
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Efficient photocatalytic selective nitro-reduction and C–H bond oxidation over ultrathin sheet mediated CdS flowers
SK Pahari, P Pal, DN Srivastava, SC Ghosh, AB Panda
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SK Pahari, RA Doong
ACS Sustainable Chemistry & Engineering 8 (35), 13342-13351, 2020
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N Sutradhar, AK Biswas, SK Pahari, B Ganguly, AB Panda
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Synthesis of monodispersed nanocrystalline materials in supercritical ethanol: a generalized approach
SK Pahari, T Adschiri, AB Panda
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Efficient oxidation of hydrocarbons over nanocrystalline Ce 1− x Sm x O 2 (x= 0–0.1) synthesized using supercritical water
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Allylic and Benzylic Oxidation over CrIII‐Incorporated Mesoporous Zirconium Phosphate with 100 % Selectivity
A Sinhamahapatra, N Sutradhar, SK Pahari, P Pal, HC Bajaj, ...
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Onion slice shaped assembled ZnS quantum wires
SK Pahari, A Sinhamahapatra, N Sutradhar, HC Bajaj, AB Panda
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Synthesis of nearly monodispersed metal oxide nanoparticles in water
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New Journal of Chemistry 35 (7), 1460-1465, 2011
In Situ Spectroelectrochemical Detection of Oxygen Evolution Reaction Intermediates with a Carboxylated Graphene–MnO2 Electrocatalyst
TMSKPYTC Sandip K. PahariSandip K. Pahari Department of Chemistry, National ...
ACS Appl. Mater. Interfaces 14 (4), 5177–5182, 2022
Porous cesium impregnated MgO (Cs–MgO) nanoflakes with excellent catalytic activity for highly selective rapid synthesis of flavanone
P Pal, SK Pahari, A Sinhamahapatra, AK Giri, HC Bajaj, AB Panda
RSC advances 3 (8), 2802-2811, 2013
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