Narendra Bhandari
Narendra Bhandari
Professor of Planetary and Geosciences, Physical Research LAboratory पर सत्यापित ईमेल
शीर्षकइन्होंने कहावर्ष
26Al in eucrite Piplia Kalan: Plausible heat source and formation chronology
G Srinivasan, JN Goswami, N Bhandari
Science 284 (5418), 1348-1350, 1999
Cosmic markers, 40Ar/39Ar dating and paleomagnetism of the KT sections in the Anjar area of the Deccan large igneous province
V Courtillot, Y Gallet, R Rocchia, G Féraud, E Robin, C Hofmann, ...
Earth and Planetary Science Letters 182 (2), 137-156, 2000
Atmospheric ablation in meteorites: A study based on cosmic ray tracks and neon isotopes
N Bhandari, D Lal, RS Rajan, JR Arnold, K Marti, CB Moore
Nuclear Tracks 4 (4), 213-262, 1980
Correlation study on physico-chemical parameters and quality assessment of Kosi river water, Uttarakhand
NS Bhandari, K Nayal
Journal of Chemistry 5 (2), 342-346, 2008
Impact did not trigger Deccan volcanism: Evidence from Anjar K/T boundary intertrappean sediments
N Bhandari, PN Shukla, ZG Ghevariya, SM Sundaram
Geophysical Research Letters 22 (4), 433-436, 1995
Fission fragment tracks in apatite: recordable track lengths
N Bhandari, SG Bhat, D Lal, G Rajagopalan, AS Tamhane, ...
Earth and Planetary Science Letters 13 (1), 191-199, 1971
Stratospheric circulation studies based on natural and artificial radioactive tracer elements
N Bhandari, D Lal, D Rama
Tellus 18 (2-3), 391-406, 1966
Depth and size dependence of cosmogenic nuclide production rates in stony meteoroids
N Bhandari, KJ Mathew, MN Rao, U Herpers, K Bremer, S Vogt, W Wölfli, ...
Geochimica et Cosmochimica Acta 57 (10), 2361-2375, 1993
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M Grande, R Browning, N Waltham, D Parker, SK Dunkin, B Kent, ...
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FW Murray
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The exposure history of the Apollo 12 regolith
G Arrhenius, S Liang, D Macdougall, L Wilkening, N Bhandari, S Bhat, ...
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Super-heavy elements in extraterrestrial samples
N Bhandari, SG Bhat, D Lal, G Rajagopalan, AS Tamhane, ...
Nature 230, 219-224, 1971
Behavior of the heliosphere over prolonged solar quiet periods by 44Ti measurements in meteorites
G Bonino, GC Castagnoli, N Bhandari, C Taricco
Science 270 (5242), 1648-1650, 1995
The Torino, H6, meteorite shower
N Bhandari, G Bonino, E Callegari, GC Castagnoli, KJ Mathew, JT Padia, ...
Meteoritics 24 (1), 29-34, 1989
Cosmic-ray produced radionuclides and rare gases near the surface of Saint-Severin meteorite
K Marti, JP Shedlovsky, RM Lindstrom, JR Arnold, NG Bhandari
Meteorite Research, 246-266, 1969
The C1XS X-ray spectrometer on Chandrayaan-1
M Grande, BJ Maddison, CJ Howe, BJ Kellett, P Sreekumar, J Huovelin, ...
Planetary and Space Science 57 (7), 717-724, 2009
K/T boundary layer in Deccan intertrappeans at Anjar, Kutch
N Bhandari, PN Shukla, ZG Ghevariya, SM Sundaram
Geol. Soc. Am. Spec. Paper 307, 417-425, 1996
Statistical analysis of physicochemical parameters of water of River Ganga in Haridwar district
DM Joshi, NS Bhandari, A Kumar, N Agrawal
Rasayan Journal of Chemistry 2 (3), 579-587, 2009
Cosmogenic21Ne and22Ne depth profiles in chondrites
N Bhandari, MB Potdar
Earth and Planetary Science Letters 58 (1), 116-128, 1982
Chandrayaan-1: science goals
N Bhandari
Journal of Earth System Science 114 (6), 701-709, 2005
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