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Neelam M. Nathani
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Genome sequence of salt-tolerant Bacillus safensis strain VK, isolated from saline desert area of Gujarat, India
VV Kothari, RK Kothari, CR Kothari, VD Bhatt, NM Nathani, PG Koringa, ...
Genome Announc. 1 (5), e00671-13, 2013
Comparative evaluation of rumen metagenome community using qPCR and MG-RAST
NM Nathani, AK Patel, PS Dhamannapatil, RK Kothari, KM Singh, ...
Amb Express 3 (1), 55, 2013
Effect of roughage on rumen microbiota composition in the efficient feed converter and sturdy Indian Jaffrabadi buffalo (Bubalus bubalis)
NM Nathani, AK Patel, CS Mootapally, B Reddy, SV Shah, PM Lunagaria, ...
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Genomic analysis of dairy starter culture Streptococcus thermophilus MTCC 5461
JB Prajapati, NM Nathani, AK Patel, S Senan, CG Joshi
J. Microbiol. Biotechnol 23 (4), 459-466, 2013
Assessment of bacterial community composition in response to uranium levels in sediment samples of sacred Cauvery River
J Suriya, MC Shekar, NM Nathani, T Suganya, S Bharathiraja, M Krishnan
Applied microbiology and biotechnology 101 (2), 831-841, 2017
In silico analysis of consequences of non-synonymous SNPs of Slc11a2 gene in Indian bovines
SM Patel, PG Koringa, BB Reddy, NM Nathani, CG Joshi
Genomics data 5, 72-79, 2015
Mining of Ruminant Microbial Phytase (RPHY1) from Metagenomic Data of Mehsani Buffalo Breed: Identification, Gene Cloning, and Characterization
CS Mootapally, NM Nathani, AK Patel, SJ Jakhesara, CG Joshi
Journal of Molecular Microbiology and Biotechnology 26 (4), 252-260; DOI: 10 …, 2016
Functional gene profiling through metaRNAseq approach reveals diet-dependent variation in rumen microbiota of buffalo (Bubalus bubalis)
AT Hinsu, NR Parmar, NM Nathani, RJ Pandit, AB Patel, AK Patel, ...
Anaerobe 44, 106-116, 2017
Exploring genetic polymorphism in innate immune genes in Indian cattle (Bos indicus) and buffalo (Bubalus bubalis) using next generation sequencing technology
SM Patel, PG Koringa, NM Nathani, NV Patel, TM Shah, CG Joshi
Meta gene 3, 50-58, 2015
Functional characterization reveals novel putative coding sequences in Prevotella ruminicola genome extracted from rumen metagenomic studies
NM Nathani, RK Kothari, AK Patel, CG Joshi
Journal of molecular microbiology and biotechnology 25 (4), 292-299, 2015
Draft genome sequence of textile azo dye-decolorizing and-degrading Pseudomonas aeruginosa strain PFK10, isolated from the common effluent treatment plant of the Ankleshwar …
PR Faldu, VV Kothari, CR Kothari, CM Rawal, KK Domadia, PA Patel, ...
Genome Announc. 2 (1), e00019-14, 2014
Draft genome sequence of petroleum hydrocarbon-degrading Pseudomonas aeruginosa strain PK6, isolated from the Saurashtra region of Gujarat, India
PA Patel, VV Kothari, CR Kothari, PR Faldu, KK Domadia, CM Rawal, ...
Genome Announc. 2 (1), e00002-14, 2014
Correlation between genomic analyses with metatranscriptomic study reveals various functional pathways of Clostridium sartagoforme AAU1, a buffalo rumen isolate
NM Nathani, SM Duggirala, VD Bhatt, AK Patel, RK Kothari, CG Joshi
Journal of applied animal research 44 (1), 498-507, 2016
Genomic analysis of a novel strain of Bacillus nealsonii, isolated from Surti buffalo rumen
NM Nathani, SM Duggirala, VD Bhatt, J KaPatel, CG Joshi
Advances in Bioscience and Biotechnology 2014, 2014
Antibiotic resistance genes allied to the pelagic sediment microbiome in the Gulf of Khambhat and Arabian Sea
NM Nathani, C Mootapally, BP Dave
Science of The Total Environment 653, 446-454, 2019
Analysis of community structure and species richness of protozoa-enriched rumen metagenome from Indian Surti by shotgun sequencing
RK Shah, AK Patel, TM Shah, KM Singh, NM Nathani, CG Joshi
Current Science, 184-191, 2016
Isolation of chitinolytic Clostridium sp. NCR from Mehsani buffalo rumen, its genomic analysis and potential role in rumen
NM Nathani, SM Duggirala, RK Kothari, CG Joshi
Genomics data 5, 109-111, 2015
Draft genome sequence of commercial textile dye-decolorizing and-degrading Bacillus subtilis strain C3 isolated in India
K Kunadia, NM Nathani, V Kothari, RJ Kotadia, CR Kothari, A Joshi, ...
Genome Announc. 4 (2), e00104-16, 2016
Insight into the draft genome sequence of human isolate Lactobacillus rhamnosus LR231, a bacterium with probiotic potential
P Ambalam, S Pithva, C Kothari, R Kothari, N Parmar, NM Nathani, ...
Genome Announc. 2 (1), e00111-14, 2014
Isolation, Molecular Characterization and Insight into the Genome Sequence of E
DV Bhensdadia, HD Bhimani, NM Nathani, CM Rawal, PG Koringa
Coli, 2014
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