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A Pal, SS Mehdi, M Husain, VPS Awana
Solid State Sciences, 2012
High Field (14Tesla) Magneto Transport Of Sm/PrFeAsO
VPSA RS Meena, Shiva Kumar Singh, Anand Pal, Anuj Kumar, R Jha, KVR Rao, Yi ...
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Quasistatic internal magnetic field detected in the pseudogap phase of by muon spin relaxation
A Pal, SR Dunsiger, K Akintola, ACY Fang, A Elhosary, M Ishikado, ...
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Local electromagnetic properties of magnetic pnictides: a comparative study probed by NMR measurements
M Majumder, K Ghoshray, A Ghoshray, A Pal, VPS Awana
Journal of Physics: Condensed Matter 25 (19), 196002, 2013
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