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Nature inspired dough processing of alumina-zirconia composites: Rheology, plasticity and weibull analysis towards net shaping
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A green body composition and functional gradient material prepared thereof
VS Seesala, S Dhara
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Functional gradient coating of alumina on net shaped zirconia implant: Improved strength, aging resistance, and role of residual stress
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A vascularized bone-on-a-chip model development via exploring mechanical stimulation for evaluation of fracture healing therapeutics
SD Bodhisatwa Das, Sundeep V Seesala, Pallabi Pal, Trina Roy, Preetam Guha Roy
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Polyaniline doped silk fibroin-PCL Electrospunfiber: An electroactive fibrous sheet for full-thickness wound healing study
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Biodegradable Multi-layered Silk Fibroin-PCL Stent for the Management of Cervical Atresia: In Vitro Cytocompatibility and Extracellular Matrix Remodeling In Vivo
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P Patra, SR Soni, VS Seesala, S Dhara, A Ghosh, S Pal
Journal of Polymer Science Part A: Polymer Chemistry 57 (15), 1697-1703, 2019
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