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Synthesis, Structure, and Two-Photon Absorption Studies of a Phosphorus-Based Tris Hydrazone Ligand (S) P [N (Me) N CH-C6H3-2-OH-4-N (CH2CH3) 2] 3 and Its Metal Complexes
V Chandrasekhar, R Azhakar, B Murugesapandian, T Senapati, P Bag, ...
Inorganic chemistry 49 (9), 4008-4016, 2010
Graphene oxide from silk cocoon: a novel magnetic fluorophore for multi-photon imaging
M Roy, TS Kusurkar, SK Maurya, SK Meena, SK Singh, N Sethy, ...
3 Biotech 4 (1), 67-75, 2014
Efficient ultrafast optical limiting using single walled carbon nanotubes functionalized noncovalently with free base and metalloporphyrins
J Gupta, C Vijayan, SK Maurya, D Goswami
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Ultrafast nonlinear optical response of carbon nanotubes functionalized with water soluble porphyrin
J Gupta, C Vijayan, SK Maurya, D Goswami
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Two‐Photon‐Absorption Technique for Selective Detection of Copper (II) Ions in Aqueous Solution Using a Dansyl–Pyrene Conjugate
V Chandrasekhar, MD Pandey, SK Maurya, P Sen, D Goswami
Chemistry–An Asian Journal 6 (9), 2246-2250, 2011
Strong third-order optical nonlinearities of Ag nanoparticles synthesized by laser ablation of bulk silver in water and air
GS Boltaev, RA Ganeev, PS Krishnendu, SK Maurya, PV Redkin, KS Rao, ...
Applied Physics A 124 (11), 766, 2018
An efficient nanocomposite based on carbon nanotubes functionalized with a fluorescent ink for ultrafast optical limiting
J Gupta, C Vijayan, SK Maurya, D Goswami
Materials Letters 65 (5), 915-917, 2011
Ag2S quantum dots in the fields of picosecond and femtosecond UV and IR pulses: optical limiting, nonlinear absorption and refraction properties
F Yue, RA Ganeev, C Zhao, KS Rao, SK Maurya, W Yu, K Zhang, C Guo
Applied Physics B 125 (1),, 2019
Rapid formation of nanostructures in Au films using a CO2 laser
SK Maurya, Y Uto, K Kashihara, N Yonekura, T Nakajima
Applied Surface Science 427, 961-965, 2018
Investigating two-photon-induced fluorescence in rhodamine-6G in presence of cetyl-trimethyl-ammonium-bromide
SK Maurya, D Yadav, D Goswami
Journal of fluorescence 26 (5), 1573-1577, 2016
Nonlinear Optical Studies of Gold Nanoparticle Films
A Rout, GS Boltaev, RA Ganeev, Y Fu, SK Maurya, VV Kim, KS Rao, ...
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Ablated nickel nanoparticles: third harmonic generation and optical nonlinearities
K Zhang, SK Maurya, RA Ganeev, KS Rao, C Guo
Journal of Optics 20 (12), 2018
Concentration dependent approach for accurate determination of two-photon absorption cross-section of fluorescent dye molecule
SK Maurya, C Dutta, D Goswami
Journal of fluorescence 27 (4), 1399-1403, 2017
Role of carbon clusters in high-order harmonic generation in graphite plasmas
RA Ganeev, GS Boltaev, K Zhang, SK Maurya, M Venkatesh, Z Yu, ...
OSA Continuum 2 (5), 1510-1523, 2019
Interaction of Pulses of Different Duration with Chemically Prepared Silver Nanoparticles: Analysis of Optical Nonlinearities
K Zhang, RA Ganeev, KS Rao, SK Maurya, GS Boltaev, PS Krishnendu, ...
Journal of Nanomaterials 2019 (6056528), 1-13, 2019
Real-time observation of structural change in semi-crystalline polymer films through mid-IR transmission spectroscopy: determination of instantaneous film temperature during …
SK Maurya, T Nakajima, K Mizobata, H Zen, T Kii, H Ohgaki
Optics express 26 (17), 21615-21625, 2018
A Dual-Signaling Ferrocene-Pyrene Dyad: Triple-Mode Recognition of the Cu (II) Ions in Aqueous Medium
MA Wani, MD Pandey, R Pandey, SK Maurya, D Goswami
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Morphological change of crystalline polymer films by annealing: substrate‐and heating/cooling‐rate‐dependent surface roughness
Y Uto, K Mizobata, SK Maurya, T Akiyama, T Nakajima
Surface and Interface Analysis 49 (7), 577-583, 2017
Probing intermolecular interactions in binary liquid mixtures using femtosecond laser-induced self-defocusing
SK Maurya, D Das, D Goswami
Applied spectroscopy 70 (10), 1655-1661, 2016
Decoding coherent information in femtosecond shaped laser pulses
I Bhattacharyya, A Dutta, S Ashtekar, SK Maurya, D Goswami
Current Science(Bangalore) 99 (4), 476-484, 2010
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