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A versatile route to 2-alkyl-/aryl-amino-3-formyl-and hetero-annelated-chromones, through a facile nucleophilic substitution at C2 in 2-(N-methylanilino)-3-formylchromones
G Singh, R Singh, NK Girdhar, MPS Ishar
Tetrahedron 58 (12), 2471-2480, 2002
Investigations on peri-, regio-and stereoselectivities in thermal cycloadditions involving C-(4-Oxo-4H [1] benzopyran-3-yl)-N-phenylnitrones: role of steric factors and …
MPS Ishar, G Singh, K Kumar, R Singh
Tetrahedron 56 (39), 7817-7828, 2000
Thermal rearrangements of C-(4-Oxo-4H [1] benzopyran-3-yl)-N-phenylnitrone-a route to novel quinolino [2, 3-b] chroman-12-ones
MPS Ishar, K Kumar, R Singh
Tetrahedron letters 39 (36), 6547-6550, 1998
Investigations of regio-and stereoselectivities in the synthesis of cytotoxic isoxazolidines through 1, 3-dipolar cycloadditions of nitrones to dipolarophiles bearing an …
R Singh, SS Bhella, AK Sexana, M Shanmugavel, A Faruk, MPS Ishar
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An efficient method for the synthesis of nitropiperidones
JL Garcia Ruano, T de Haro, R Singh, MB Cid
The Journal of organic chemistry 73 (3), 1150-1153, 2008
[d4U]-Spacer-[HI-236] double-drug inhibitors of HIV-1 reverse-transcriptase
Y Younis, R Hunter, CI Muhanji, I Hale, R Singh, CM Bailey, TJ Sullivan, ...
Bioorganic & medicinal chemistry 18 (13), 4661-4673, 2010
Highly efficient Lewis acid catalyzed, one step conversions of 16α, 17α-epoxy-3β-hydroxypregn-5-en-20-one to d-homosteroid and Δ13-steroids
NK Girdhar, MPS Ishar, R Kumar, R Singh, G Singh
Tetrahedron 57 (33), 7199-7204, 2001
Purification of 3 monomeric monocot mannose-binding lectins and their evaluation for antipoxviral activity: potential applications in multiple viral diseases caused by …
A Kaur, SS Kamboj, J Singh, R Singh, M Abrahams, GJ Kotwal, ...
Biochemistry and cell biology 85 (1), 88-95, 2007
Efficient, microwave-assisted intramolecular 1, 3-dipolar cycloadditions of oximes and N-methylnitrones derived from o-alkenylmethoxy-acetophenones
S Singh, MPS Ishar, G Singh, R Singh
Canadian journal of chemistry 83 (3), 260-265, 2005
Photochemistry of Arylidene-β-ionones:  A Highly Efficient Route to Novel Tricyclic Ketones through Intramolecular, Exoselective Photochemical (4 + 2 …
MPS Ishar, R Singh, K Kumar, G Singh, D Velmurugan, AS Pandi, ...
The Journal of organic chemistry 67 (7), 2234-2240, 2002
Synthesis and cytotoxic activity of some novel polycyclic γ-butyrolactones
MPS Ishar, T Raj, SK Agrawal, AK Saxena, L Singh, R Singh, SS Bhella
Bioorganic & medicinal chemistry letters 18 (17), 4809-4812, 2008
Investigations on photochemistry of o-allyloxy-/crotyloxyacetophenones: formation of unexpected intramolecular arene–olefin addition products on n–π∗ excitation of ketones
R Singh, MPS Ishar
Tetrahedron 58 (38), 7595-7606, 2002
UV irradiation of arylidene-β-ionones in the presence of dioxygen: regioselective formation of stable endoperoxides
R Singh, MPS Ishar
Tetrahedron letters 44 (9), 1943-1945, 2003
Synthesis of constrained aromatic β2,3,3-amino alcohol scaffolds — Precursors of non-proteinogenic phenylalanine for peptidomimetics
SS Bhella, MPS Ishar, G Singh, R Singh, G Singh, T Raj
Canadian Journal of Chemistry 86 (5), 451-455, 2008
An Unusual Uncatalyzed Baeyer− Villiger Oxidation of Cyclobutanones to γ‐Lactones by Air and Its Mechanistic Implications
R Singh, MPS Ishar, NK Girdhar, D Velmurugan, AS Pandi
European Journal of Organic Chemistry 2002 (22), 3734-3739, 2002
Amine derivatives as potassium channel blockers.
A Harvey, A Bombrun, R Cooke, EI Jeanclaude, N Kuchel, J Molette, ...
PCT Int. Appl. WO2012155199, 2012
Facile ketone sensitized photochemical ring opening of isoxazolidines to β-enaminocarbonyl compounds
R Singh, G Singh, MPS Ishar
CSIR, 2010
Discovery of BNC375, a Potent, Selective, and Orally Available Type I Positive Allosteric Modulator of α7 nAChRs
ACS Med. Chem. Lett., 2019
Alpha-7 nicotinic acetylcholine receptor modulators and uses thereof-I
A Harvey, T Avery, D Paul, J Ripper, B Huff, R Singh, L Schaeffer, ...
US Patent 9,790,173, 2017
alpha-7 Nicotinic acetylcholine receptor modulators and uses thereof-I
A Harvey, T Avery, D Paul, J Ripper, H Belinda, R Singh, L Schaeffer, ...
PCT Int. Appl. WO2014019023, 2014
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