Thayalaraj Christopher Jeyakumar
Thayalaraj Christopher Jeyakumar
Department of Chemistry, The American College, Madurai, India-625002
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John Adaikalasamy K, Rajagopal S, Jancirani A, Brighton Arul Jacob Y, T ...
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Molybdenum bound nitrogen-doped graphene catalyst for reduction of N2 to NH3 and NH2NH2, using FLP as a co-catalyst: A DFT study
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Isolation and biological evaluation 7-hydroxy flavone from Avicennia officinalis L: insights from extensive in vitro, DFT, molecular docking and molecular dynamics …
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Application of Density Functional Theory in Coordination Chemistry: A Case Study of Group 13 Monohalide as a Ligand
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Correction to: Coordination of indium monohalide with group-10 metal carbonyls [TM (CO) 3 (InX)]: a DFT study
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Synthesis, Characterization andDNA binding affinities of mixed ligand Cu(II)complexes of 3-((E)-(2-hydroxyphenylimino)methyl)-4H-chromen-4-one
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DFT Studies on the Adsorption of CFC over the Copper Embedded Nitrogen Doped Graphene
Thayalaraj Christopher Jeyakumar, F. Paularokiadoss, A. Sekar
International Journal of Emerging Technologies and Innovative Research 4 (6 …, 2019
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