Dr. Arpan Kumar Nayak
Dr. Arpan Kumar Nayak
Assistant Professor-VIT Vellore;PDF-Hanyang University;PHD-Materials Science Centre,IIT KGP
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Cited by
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Redox-Mediated Shape Transformation of Fe3O4 Nanoflakes to Chemically Stable Au−Fe2O3 Composite Nanorods for a High-Performance Asymmetric Solid …
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Flower-Shaped Self-Assembled Ni0.5Cu0.5Co2O4 Porous Architecture: A Ternary Metal Oxide as a High-Performance Charge Storage Electrode Material
S Samanta, AK Nayak, A Mukherji, D Pradhan, B Satpati, R Srivastava
ACS Applied Nano Materials 1 (10), 5812-5822, 2018
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