Rostyslav Panchuk
Rostyslav Panchuk
Senior Scientist, Institute of Cell Biology NAS of Ukraine
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Application of C60 fullerene-doxorubicin complex for tumor cell treatment in vitro and in vivo
RR Panchuk, SV Prylutska, VV Chumak, NR Skorokhyd, LV Lehka, ...
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C60 fullerene enhances cisplatin anticancer activity and overcomes tumor cell drug resistance
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Putative anticancer potential of novel 4-thiazolidinone derivatives: cytotoxicity toward rat C6 glioma in vitro and correlation of general toxicity with the balance of free …
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Synthesis, biological activity and structural study of new benzotriazole-based protein kinase CK2 inhibitors
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Antioxidants selenomethionine and D-pantethine decrease the negative side effects of doxorubicin in NL/Ly lymphoma-bearing mice
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Rapid generation of hydrogen peroxide contributes to the complex cell death induction by the angucycline antibiotic landomycin E
RR Panchuk, LV Lehka, A Terenzi, BP Matselyukh, J Rohr, AK Jha, ...
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Differential pro-apoptotic effects of synthetic 4-thiazolidinone derivative Les-3288, doxorubicin and temozolomide in human glioma U251 cells
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N-Stearoylethanolamine suppresses the pro-inflammatory cytokines production by inhibition of NF-κB translocation
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Effect of landomycin A on respiration and oxidative phosphorylation in mitochondria
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Design and synthesis of novel dual-target agents for HDAC1 and CK2 inhibition
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A Novel Nanoconjugate of Landomycin A with C60 Fullerene for Cancer Targeted Therapy: In Vitro Studies
V Bilobrov, V Sokolova, S Prylutska, R Panchuk, O Litsis, V Osetskyi, ...
Cellular and molecular bioengineering 12 (1), 41-51, 2019
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