Alok Pandya
Alok Pandya
Assistant Professor, Department of Physical Sciences, IAR
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An ICT based “turn on/off” quinoline armed calix [4] arene fluoroionophore: its sensing efficiency towards fluoride from waste water and Zn 2+ from blood serum
PG Sutariya, NR Modi, A Pandya, BK Joshi, KV Joshi, SK Menon
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Rapid colorimetric detection of sulfide using calix [4] arene modified gold nanoparticles as a probe
A Pandya, KV Joshi, NR Modi, SK Menon
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A non enzymatic glucose biosensor based on an ultrasensitive calix [4] arene functionalized boronic acid gold nanoprobe for sensing in human blood serum
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A novel nanoaggregation detection technique of TNT using selective and ultrasensitive nanocurcumin as a probe
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Fluorescence switch on–off–on receptor constructed of quinoline allied calix [4] arene for selective recognition of Cu 2+ from blood serum and F− from industrial waste water
PG Sutariya, A Pandya, A Lodha, SK Menon
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Ultrasensitive and specific detection of dimethoate using ap-sulphonato-calix [4] resorcinarene functionalized silver nanoprobe in aqueous solution
SK Menon, NR Modi, A Pandya, A Lodha
RSC advances 3 (27), 10623-10627, 2013
A novel calix [4] arene thiol functionalized silver nanoprobe for selective recognition of ferric ion with nanomolar sensitivity via DLS selectivity in human biological fluid
A Pandya, PG Sutariya, A Lodha, SK Menon
Nanoscale 5 (6), 2364-2371, 2013
A simple and rapid creatinine sensing via DLS selectivity, using calix [4] arene thiol functionalized gold nanoparticles
PG Sutariya, A Pandya, A Lodha, SK Menon
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A smart and rapid colorimetric method for the detection of codeine sulphate, using unmodified gold nanoprobe
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A highly efficient PET switch on–off–on fluorescence receptor based on calix [4] arene for the selective recognition of Cd 2+ and Sr 2+
PG Sutariya, A Pandya, NR Modi, SK Menon
Analyst 138 (8), 2244-2248, 2013
Melamine modified gold nanoprobe for “on-spot” colorimetric recognition of clonazepam from biological specimens
A Lodha, A Pandya, PG Sutariya, SK Menon
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A unique fluorescence biosensor for selective detection of tryptophan and histidine
PG Sutariya, A Pandya, A Lodha, SK Menon
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Lab-on-phone citrate-capped silver nanosensor for lidocaine hydrochloride detection from a biological matrix
N Ansari, A Lodha, A Pandya, PG Sutariya, SK Menon
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Calixarene capped ZnS quantum dots as an optical nanoprobe for detection and determination of menadione
KV Joshi, BK Joshi, A Pandya, PG Sutariya, SK Menon
Analyst 137 (20), 4647-4650, 2012
Synthesis, mesomorphism and dielectric behaviour of novel basket shaped scaffolds constructed on lower rim azocalix [4] arenes
PG Sutariya, NR Modi, A Pandya, VA Rana, SK Menon
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DNA assembled metal nanoclusters: synthesis to novel applications
A Pandya, AN Lad, SP Singh, R Shanker
RSC advances 6 (114), 113095-113114, 2016
Synthesis of biocompatible iron oxide nanoparticles as a drug delivery vehicle
K Kansara, P Patel, RK Shukla, A Pandya, R Shanker, A Kumar, ...
International journal of nanomedicine 13 (T-NANO 2014 Abstracts), 79, 2018
Overview on nano enabled screening of drug facilitated crime: a promising tool in forensic investigation
AN Lad, A Pandya, YK Agrawal
TrAC Trends in Analytical Chemistry 80, 458–470, 2016
Thioctic acid modified gold nanoparticles for highly specific and ultrasensitive detection of lanthanum in soil and water
A Pandya, KV Joshi, PG Sutariya, SK Menon
Analytical Methods 4 (10), 3102-3106, 2012
Novel luminescent paper based calix [4] arene chelation enhanced fluorescence-photoinduced electron transfer probe for Mn2+, Cr3+ and F
PG Sutariya, H Soni, SA Gandhi, A Pandya
Journal of Luminescence 208, 6-17, 2019
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