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A new rock dwelling Hemidactylus (Squamata: Gekkonidae) from Maharashtra, India
VB Giri
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A new species of Gegeneophis Peters (Amphibia: Gymnophiona: Caeciliidae) from southern Maharashtra, India, with a key to the species of the genus
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The hills are alive with geckos! A radiation of a dozen species on sky islands across peninsular India (Squamata: Gekkonidae, Hemiphyllodactylus) with the description of three†…
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Remarkable genetic homogeneity in unstriped, long‐tailed Ichthyophis along 1500 km of the Western Ghats, India
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The first teresomatan caecilian (Amphibia: Gymnophiona) from the Eastern Ghats of India—a new species of Gegeneophis Peters, 1880
I Agarwal, M Wilkinson, PP Mohapatra, SK Dutta, VB Giri, DJ Gower
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