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Metallaboranes of the Early Transition Metals: Direct Synthesis and Characterization of [{(η5‐C5Me5) Ta} 2BnHm](n= 4, m= 10; n= 5, m= 11),[{(η5‐C5Me5) Ta} 2B5H10 (C6H4CH3 …
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A Mechanistic Study of the Utilization of arachno‐Diruthenaborane [(Cp*RuCO)2B2H6] as an Active Alkyne‐Cyclotrimerization Catalyst
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Lewis acid catalysis: regioselective hydroboration of alkynes and alkenes promoted by scandium triflate
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Synthesis and Characterization of Hypoelectronic Tantalaboranes: Comparison of the Geometric and Electronic Structures of [(Cp*TaX)2B5H11] (X = Cl, Br, and I)
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SK Bose, K Geetharani, B Varghese, S Ghosh
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Synthesis of Functionalized 1,4-Azaborinines by the Cyclization of Di-tert-butyliminoborane and Alkynes
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A fine tuning of metallaborane to bridged-boryl complex,[(Cp* Ru) 2 (μ-H)(μ-CO)(μ-Bcat)](cat= 1, 2-O 2 C 6 H 4; Cp*= η 5-C 5 Me 5)
RS Anju, DK Roy, K Geetharani, B Mondal, B Varghese, S Ghosh
Dalton Transactions 42 (36), 12828-12831, 2013
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