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Temperature-Humidity Indices as Indicators to Heat Stress of Climatic Conditions with Relation to Production and Reproduction of Farm Animals
AA Habeeb, AE Gad, MA Atta
Int J Biotechnol Recent Adv 1 (1), 35-50, 2018
Therapeutic Nanomedicine Different High–Resolution Experimental Images and Computational Simulations for Human Brain Cancer Cells and Tissues Using Nanocarriers Deliver DNA/RNA …
A Heidari
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Novel and Transcendental Prevention, Diagnosis and Treatment Strategies for Investigation of Interaction among Human Blood Cancer Cells, Tissues, Tumors and Metastases with …
A Heidari
Madridge J Nov Drug Res 1 (1), 18-24, 2017
Vibrational Decahertz (daHz), Hectohertz (hHz), Kilohertz (kHz), Megahertz (MHz), Gigahertz (GHz), Terahertz (THz), Petahertz (PHz), Exahertz (EHz), Zettahertz (ZHz) and …
A Heidari
Madridge J Anal Sci Instrum 2 (1), 41-46, 2017
Advances in use of natural antioxidants as food additives for improving the oxidative stability of meat products
SA Rather, FA Masoodi, R Akhter, JA Rather, KA Shiekh
Madridge J Food Technol 1 (1), 10-17, 2016
Heteronuclear Single–Quantum Correlation Spectroscopy (HSQC) and Heteronuclear Multiple– Bond Correlation Spectroscopy (HMBC) Comparative Study on Malignant and Benign Human …
A Heidari
Madridge J Nov Drug Res 2 (1), 68-74, 2018
Adamantane, Irene, Naftazone and Pyridine-Enhanced Precatalyst Preparation Stabilization and Initiation (PEPPSI) Nano Molecules
A Heidari
Madridge J Nov Drug Res 2 (1), 61-67, 2018
A Review on the Effect of Processing Temperature and Time duration on Commercial Honey Quality
Y Eshete, T Eshete
Madridge J Food Technol 4 (1), 158-162, 2019
Assessment of Heavy Metals in Effluent Water Discharges from Textile Industry and River Water at Close Proximity: A Comparison of Two Textile Industries from Funtua and Zaria …
OE Odipe, MO Raimi, F Suleiman
Madridge Journal of Agriculture and Environmental Sciences 1 (1), 1-6, 2019
Introduction to Wax Deposition
MA Theyab, SY Yahya
International Journal of Petrochemistry and Research (ISSN: 2638-1974) 2 (1 …, 2018
Electronic & Optical properties of Transition-Metal Dichalcogenides
W Tang, SS Rassay, NM Ravindra
Madridge J Nanotechnol Nanosci 2 (1), 58-64, 2017
Application of Ionic Liquids in the Upstream oil Industry-A Review
SN Turosung, B Ghosh
International Journal of Petrochemistry and Research (ISSN: 2638-1974) 1 (1 …, 2017
Preparation and Characterization of the PVA Nanofibers produced by Electrospinning
TJ Alwan, ZA Toma, MA Kudhier, KM Ziadan
Madridge J Nanotechnol Nanosci 1 (1), 1-3, 2016
Laser Metal Deposition of Aluminum 7075 Alloy
A Bhagavatam, A Ramakrishnan, VSK Adapa, GP Dinda
Int J Mater Sci Res 2 (1), 50-55, 2018
A Comprehensive Review on the Advancement of Non-damaging Drilling Fluids
IM Alcheikh, B Ghosh
International Journal of Petrochemistry and Research (ISSN: 2638-1974) 1 (1 …, 2017
Geometric relaxation time of induced polarization fractal dimension for characterizing Shajara Reservoirs of the Shajara formation of the PermoCarboniferous Unayzah Group-Permo
K AlKhidir
International Journal of Petrochemistry and Research (ISSN: 2638-1974) 2 (1 …, 2018
Stabilization of bioactive betalain pigment from fruits of Basella rubra L. through maltodextrin encapsulation
SS Kumar, P Giridhar
Madridge Journal of Food Technology 1 (1), 66-70, 2016
Rheological, Thermal, and Foaming Behaviors of Different Polylactide Grades
M Nofar
Int J Mater Sci Res 1 (1), 16-22, 2018
The Impact of Duration of Sleep on Academic Performance in University Students
H Raley, J Naber, S Cross, M Perlow
Madridge J Nurs 1 (1), 11-18, 2016
Pyocyanin: A Powerful Inhibitor of bacterial Growth and Biofilm Formation
PA Raji El Feghali, T Nawas
Madridge J Case Rep Stud 3 (1), 101-107, 2018
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