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Helen Treichel
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A review on microbial lipases production
H Treichel, D de Oliveira, MA Mazutti, M Di Luccio, JV Oliveira
Food and bioprocess technology 3 (2), 182-196, 2010
Production and characterization of xantham gum by Xanthomonas campestris using cheese whey as sole carbon source
MF Silva, RCG Fornari, MA Mazutti, D de Oliveira, FF Padilha, AJ Cichoski, ...
Journal of Food Engineering 90 (1), 119-123, 2009
Optimization of inulinase production by solid-state fermentation using sugarcane bagasse as substrate
M Mazutti, JP Bender, H Treichel, M Di Luccio
Enzyme and Microbial Technology 39 (1), 56-59, 2006
Response surface method to optimize the production and characterization of lipase from Penicillium verrucosum in solid-state fermentation
AP Kempka, NL Lipke, T da Luz Fontoura Pinheiro, S Menoncin, ...
Bioprocess and Biosystems Engineering 31 (2), 119-125, 2008
Isolation and screening of lipase-producing fungi with hydrolytic activity
N Griebeler, AE Polloni, D Remonatto, F Arbter, R Vardanega, JL Cechet, ...
Food and Bioprocess Technology 4 (4), 578-586, 2011
Lipase production by solid fermentation of soybean meal with different supplements
E Rigo, JL Ninow, M Di Luccio, JV Oliveira, AE Polloni, D Remonatto, ...
LWT-Food Science and Technology 43 (7), 1132-1137, 2010
Perfil da composição química e atividades antibacteriana e antioxidante do óleo essencial do cravo-da-índia (Eugenia caryophyllata Thunb.)
JDF Silvestri, N Paroul, E Czyewski, L Lerin, I Rotava, RL Cansian, ...
Revista Ceres 57, 589-594, 2010
Ultrasound-assisted lipase-catalyzed transesterification of soybean oil in organic solvent system
L Batistella, LA Lerin, P Brugnerotto, AJ Danielli, CM Trentin, A Popiolski, ...
Ultrasonics Sonochemistry 19 (3), 452-458, 2012
Xanthan gum production and rheological behavior using different strains of Xanthomonas sp.
I Rottava, G Batesini, MF Silva, L Lerin, D de Oliveira, FF Padilha, ...
Carbohydrate Polymers 77 (1), 65-71, 2009
Production of inulinase by solid-state fermentation: effect of process parameters on production and preliminary characterization of enzyme preparations
M Mazutti, G Ceni, MD Luccio, H Treichel
Bioprocess and biosystems engineering 30 (5), 297-304, 2007
Continuous lipase-catalyzed production of fatty acid ethyl esters from soybean oil in compressed fluids
C Dalla Rosa, MB Morandim, JL Ninow, D Oliveira, H Treichel, JV Oliveira
Bioresource Technology 100 (23), 5818-5826, 2009
Insecticidal and repellency activity of essential oil of Eucalyptus sp. against Sitophilus zeamais Motschulsky (Coleoptera, Curculionidae)
AJ Mossi, V Astolfi, G Kubiak, L Lerin, C Zanella, G Toniazzo, D Oliveira, ...
Journal of the Science of Food and Agriculture 91 (2), 273-277, 2011
Optimization of lipase production by Penicillium simplicissimum in soybean meal
GDLP Vargas, H Treichel, D de Oliveira, SC Beneti, DMG Freire, ...
Journal of Chemical Technology & Biotechnology: International Research in …, 2008
Kinetics of ultrasound-assisted enzymatic biodiesel production from Macauba coconut oil
S Michelin, FM Penha, MM Sychoski, RP Scherer, H Treichel, A Valério, ...
Renewable Energy 76, 388-393, 2015
Produção de carotenoides: microrganismos como fonte de pigmentos naturais
E Valduga, PO Tatsch, L Tiggemann, H Treichel, G Toniazzo, J Zeni, ...
Quimica nova 32 (9), 2429-2436, 2009
Remove of phosphorous and turbidity of swine wastewater using electrocoagulation under continuous flow
R Mores, H Treichel, CA Zakrzevski, A Kunz, J Steffens, RM Dallago
Separation and Purification Technology 171, 112-117, 2016
Ultrasound irradiation promoted efficient solvent-free lipase-catalyzed production of mono-and diacylglycerols from olive oil
KG Fiametti, MM Sychoski, A De Cesaro, A Furigo Jr, LC Bretanha, ...
Ultrasonics Sonochemistry 18 (5), 981-987, 2011
Antifungal activity of basil essential oil (Ocimum basilicum L.): evaluation in vitro and on an Italian-type sausage surface
AG Saggiorato, I Gaio, H Treichel, D de Oliveira, AJ Cichoski, RL Cansian
Food and bioprocess technology 5 (1), 378-384, 2012
Screening, optimization and kinetics of Jatropha curcas oil transesterification with heterogeneous catalysts
AF Zanette, RA Barella, SBC Pergher, H Treichel, D Oliveira, MA Mazutti, ...
Renewable Energy 36 (2), 726-731, 2011
Enzymatic synthesis of fructooligosaccharides by inulinases from Aspergillus niger and Kluyveromyces marxianus NRRL Y-7571 in aqueous–organic medium
MF Silva, D Rigo, V Mossi, S Golunski, G de Oliveira Kuhn, M Di Luccio, ...
Food Chemistry 138 (1), 148-153, 2013
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