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Extractive desulfurization of liquid fuel by using a green, neutral and task specific phosphonium ionic liquid with glyceryl moiety: a joint experimental and computational study
FR Moghadam, S Azizian, M Bayat, M Yarie, E Kianpour, MA Zolfigol
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A task-specific phosphonium ionic liquid as an efficient extractant for green desulfurization of liquid fuel: An experimental and computational study
E Kianpour, S Azizian, M Yarie, MA Zolfigol, M Bayat
Chemical Engineering Journal 295, 500-508, 2016
Green fuel through green route by using a task-specific and neutral phosphonium ionic liquid: a joint experimental and theoretical study
FR Moghadam, S Azizian, E Kianpour, M Yarie, M Bayat, MA Zolfigol
Chemical Engineering Journal 309, 480-488, 2017
Energy decomposition analysis of the metal–oxime bond in [M {RC (NOH) C (NO) R} 2](M= Ni (II), Pd (II), Pt (II), R= CH3, H, F, Cl, Br, Ph, CF3)
M Bayat, M von Hopffgarten, S Salehzadeh, G Frenking
Journal of Organometallic Chemistry 696 (18), 2976-2984, 2011
New mono and binuclear mercury (II) complexes of phosphorus ylides containing DMSO as ligand: Spectral and structural characterization
SJ Sabounchei, H Nemattalab, S Salehzadeh, M Bayat, HR Khavasi, ...
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Cadmium (II) macrocyclic Schiff-base complexes containing piperazine moiety: Synthesis, spectroscopic, X-ray structure, theoretical and antibacterial studies
H Keypour, M Mahmoudabadi, A Shooshtari, M Bayat, F Mohsenzadeh, ...
Journal of Molecular Structure 1155, 196-204, 2018
Energy decomposition analysis of the metal-imine bond in [(CO) 4M–SB](M= Cr, Mo, W; SB: RHCN–CH2CH2–NCHR)
M Bayat, S Salehzadeh, G Frenking
Journal of Organometallic Chemistry 697 (1), 74-79, 2012
Regioselective green electrochemical approach to the synthesis of nitroacetaminophen derivatives
E Salahifar, D Nematollahi, M Bayat, A Mahyari, H Amiri Rudbari
Organic letters 17 (19), 4666-4669, 2015
N-Heterocyclic carbene or phosphorus ylide: which one forms a stronger bond with group 11 metals? A theoretical study
M Bayat, A Sedghi, L Ebrahimkhani, SJ Sabounchei
Dalton Transactions 46 (1), 207-220, 2017
Synthesis and characterization of new Mn (II) and Cd (II) Schiff base complexes containing homopiperazine moiety: Spectral, X-ray crystal structural and theoretical studies
H Keypour, A Shooshtari, M Rezaeivala, M Bayat, HA Rudbari
Inorganica Chimica Acta 440, 139-147, 2016
New chlorine bridged binuclear silver (I) complexes of bidentate phosphorus ylides: Synthesis, spectroscopy, theoretical and anti-bacterial studies
SJ Sabounchei, M Pourshahbaz, S Salehzadeh, M Bayat, R Karamian, ...
Polyhedron 85, 652-664, 2015
Synthesis and structural characterization of a new Schiff base macrocyclic ligand containing a piperazine head unit and its metal complexes. Crystal structure of the Co (II …
H Keypour, N Rahpeyma, M Rezaeivala, P Arzhangi, M Bayat, L Valencia, ...
Polyhedron 51, 117-122, 2013
New Pd (ii) complexes of sulfur ylides; synthesis, X-ray characterization, a theoretical study and catalytic activity toward the Mizoroki–Heck reaction
SJ Sabounchei, M Ahmadianpoor, A Yousefi, A Hashemi, M Bayat, ...
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Structural, theoretical and multinuclear NMR study of mercury (II) complexes of phosphorus ylides: Mono and binuclear complexes
SJ Sabounchei, H Nemattalab, S Salehzadeh, S Khani, M Bayat, ...
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Synthesis and characterization of two new N4O2 macroacyclic Schiff-base ligands containing piperazine moiety and mononuclear Co (III) and Cu (II) complexes, spectral, X-ray …
H Keypour, M Mahmoudabadi, A Shooshtari, M Bayat, M Ghassemzadeh, ...
Polyhedron 129, 189-198, 2017
New macrocyclic schiff base complexes incorporating a homopiperazine unit: Synthesis of some Co (II), Ni (II), Cu (II) and Zn (II) complexes and crystal structure and …
H Keypour, M Rezaeivala, A Ramezani-Aktij, M Bayat, N Dilek, H Ünver
Journal of Molecular Structure 1115, 180-186, 2016
Experimental and theoretical analysis of the electrochemical oxidation of catechol and hydroquinone derivatives in the presence of various nucleophiles
H Beiginejad, D Nematollahi, M Bayat, F Varmaghani, A Nazaripour
Journal of The Electrochemical Society 160 (10), H693, 2013
New complexes of Ni (II) and Cu (II) with tridentate ONO Schiff base ligand: synthesis, crystal structures, electrochemical and theoretical investigation
M Salehi, F Faghani, M Kubicki, M Bayat
Journal of the Iranian Chemical Society 15, 2229-2240, 2018
Structural, theoretical and multinuclear NMR study of mercury (II) and silver (I) complexes with two new ambidentate phosphorus ylides
SJ Sabounchei, M Sarlakifar, S Salehzadeh, M Bayat, M Pourshahbaz, ...
Polyhedron 38 (1), 131-136, 2012
Bis-N-heterocyclic carbene in stabilized [bis-NHC (R)→ EBr2H2](E= Si to Pb)(R= H, F, Cl, Br, CH3, CF3) complexes: a theoretical study
M Bayat, N Ahmadian
Polyhedron 96, 95-101, 2015
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