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TG/DTA-based techniques for the determination of equilibrium vapour pressures of N, N′-propylenebis (2, 4-pentanedion-iminoato) nickel (II) for CVD applications
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Synthesis, structure, vapour pressure and deposition of ZnO thin film by plasma assisted MOCVD technique using a novel precursor bis [(pentylnitrilomethylidine …
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Spectral characterisation of five volatile bis (NR-salicylaldimine) nickel (II)(where nR= methyl to pentyl) complexes and single crystal study on methyl analogue
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Standard enthalpy of fusion of N, N′-ethylenebis (2, 4-pentanedion-iminoato) nickel (II) complex by DTA-based melting point depression studies
S Arockiasamy, PA Premkumar, OM Sreedharan, C Mallika, ...
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Deposition of Ni/TiN Composite Coatings by a Plasma Assisted MOCVD Using an Organometallic Precursor
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Development and vapour pressure of metallo-organic precursors of copper for the deposition of copper thin films by a plasma-assisted MOCVD
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Inorganic and Nano-Metal Chemistry 47 (12), 1635-1642, 2017
Vapour pressure of volatile precursor complexes of nickel and titanium for coating Tio2 Ni TiO2 and Ni TiN thin films by pamocvd process
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