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Exploring dengue genome to construct a multi-epitope based subunit vaccine by utilizing immunoinformatics approach to battle against dengue infection
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Molecular and immunological toxic effects of nanoparticles
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Differential Expression of miRNA Regulates T Cell Differentiation and Plasticity during Visceral Leishmaniasis Infection
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Febrifugine analogues as Leishmania donovani trypanothione reductase inhibitors: binding energy analysis assisted by molecular docking, ADMET and molecular …
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Perturbed microRNA expression by Mycobacterium tuberculosis promotes macrophage polarization leading to pro-survival foam cell
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Excavating chikungunya genome to design B and T cell multi-epitope subunit vaccine using comprehensive immunoinformatics approach to control chikungunya infection
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Structure-based virtual screening, molecular docking, ADMET and molecular simulations to develop benzoxaborole analogs as potential inhibitor against Leishmania donovani …
RK Pandey, BV Kumbhar, S Sundar, A Kunwar, VK Prajapati
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Designing B‐and T‐cell multi‐epitope based subunit vaccine using immunoinformatics approach to control Zika virus infection
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Developing imidazole analogues as potential inhibitor for Leishmania donovani trypanothione reductase: virtual screening, molecular docking, dynamics and ADMET approach
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High-throughput virtual screening and quantum mechanics approach to develop imipramine analogues as leads against trypanothione reductase of leishmania
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Emerging role of circulating microRNA in the diagnosis of human infectious diseases
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Molecular modeling and virtual screening approach to discover potential antileishmanial inhibitors against ornithine decarboxylase
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Exploring sand fly salivary proteins to design multi‐epitope subunit vaccine to fight against visceral leishmaniasis
RK Pandey, VK Prajapati
Journal of Cellular Biochemistry, 2018
Development of multi-epitope driven subunit vaccine in secretory and membrane protein of Plasmodium falciparum to convey protection against malaria infection
RK Pandey, M Ali, R Ojha, TK Bhatt, VK Prajapati
Vaccine 36 (30), 4555-4565, 2018
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