Subhadip Neogi
Subhadip Neogi
Associate Professor (AcSIR) & Principal Scientist, CSIR-CSMCRI, Bhavnagar (Gujarat, India)
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Significant Gas Adsorption and Catalytic Performance by a Robust CuII–MOF Derived through Single‐Crystal to Single‐Crystal Transmetalation of a Thermally Less‐Stable Zn …
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Control of Intermolecular Bonds by Deposition Rates at Room Temperature: Hydrogen Bonds versus Metal Coordination in Trinitrile Monolayers
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Unprecedented NH2‒MIL‒101(Al)/n‒Bu4NBr system as solvent free heterogeneous catalyst for efficient synthesis of cyclic carbonate via CO2 cycloaddition
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S Neogi, Y Lorenz, M Engeser, D Samanta, M Schmittel
Inorganic chemistry 52 (12), 6975-6984, 2013
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