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Spatial transcriptome analysis provides insights of key gene (s) involved in steroidal saponin biosynthesis in medicinally important herb Trillium govanianum
P Singh, G Singh, A Bhandawat, G Singh, R Parmar, R Seth, RK Sharma
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Genome-wide transcriptional profiling to elucidate key candidates involved in bud burst and rattling growth in a subtropical bamboo (Dendrocalamus hamiltonii)
A Bhandawat, G Singh, R Seth, P Singh, RK Sharma
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Development of genic SSR marker resource from RNA-Seq data in Dendrocalamus latiflorus
A Bhandawat, G Singh, AS Raina, J Kaur, RK Sharma
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Global transcriptional insights of pollen-pistil interactions commencing self-incompatibility and fertilization in tea [Camellia sinensis (L.) O. Kuntze]
R Seth, A Bhandawat, R Parmar, P Singh, S Kumar, RK Sharma
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Functionally relevant novel microsatellite markers for efficient genotyping in Stevia rebaudiana Bertoni
A Bhandawat, H Sharma, A Nag, S Singh, PS Ahuja, RK Sharma
Journal of genetics 94 (1), 75-81, 2015
Discovery and utilization of EST-SSR marker resource for genetic diversity and population structure analyses of a subtropical bamboo, Dendrocalamus hamiltonii
A Bhandawat, V Sharma, P Singh, R Seth, A Nag, J Kaur, RK Sharma
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Sound as a stimulus in associative learning for heat stress in Arabidopsis
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Characterization of Allium germplasms for conservation and sustainable management using SSR markers
K Jayaswall, A Bhandawat, H Sharma, VK Yadav, V Mahajan, M Singh
NISCAIR-CSIR, India, 2019
Spatial transcriptional dynamics of geographically separated genotypes revealed key regulators of podophyllotoxin biosynthesis in Podophyllum hexandrum
A Nag, S Choudhary, M Masand, R Parmar, A Bhandawat, R Seth, ...
Industrial Crops and Products 147, 112247, 2020
Identification and characterization of long non-coding RNAs regulating resistant starch biosynthesis in bread wheat (Triticum aestivum L.)
A Madhawan, A Sharma, A Bhandawat, MS Rahim, P Kumar, A Mishra, ...
Genomics 112 (5), 3065-3074, 2020
Novel intron length polymorphic (ILP) markers from starch biosynthesis genes reveal genetic relationships in Indian wheat varieties and related species
H Sharma, A Bhandawat, MS Rahim, P Kumar, MP Choudhoury, J Roy
Molecular biology reports 47 (5), 3485-3500, 2020
Development of intron length polymorphic (ILP) markers in onion (Allium cepa L.), and their cross-species transferability in garlic (A. sativum L.) and wild relatives
K Jayaswall, H Sharma, A Bhandawat, R Sagar, VK Yadav, V Sharma, ...
Genetic Resources and Crop Evolution 66 (7), 1379-1388, 2019
Genome-wide identification and characterization of novel non-coding RNA-derived SSRs in wheat
A Bhandawat, H Sharma, N Pundir, A Madhawan, J Roy
Molecular Biology Reports 47 (8), 6111-6125, 2020
Genomic Selection in Cereal Crops: Methods and Applications
MS Rahim, A Bhandawat, N Rana, H Sharma, A Parveen, P Kumar, ...
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Development of robust in vitro culture protocol for the propagation of genetically and phytochemically stable plants of Withania somnifera (L.) Dunal (Ashwagandha)
K Kaur, P Singh, K Kaur, A Bhandawat, P Nogia, PK Pati
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Development and characterization of bZIP transcription factor based SSRs in wheat
H Sharma, A Bhandawat, P Kumar, MS Rahim, A Parveen, P Kumar, ...
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Cross-transferability of SSR markers developed in Rhododendron species of Himalaya
H Sharma, A Bhandawat, S Rawat
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Biolistic Delivery of Programmable Nuclease (CRISPR/Cas9) in Bread Wheat
A Bhandawat, V Sharma, V Rishi, JK Roy
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Novel microsatellite markers identification and diversity characterization in Pteris cretica L.
V Kumar, A Bhandawat, H Sharma, A Nag, RK Sharma
Journal of plant biochemistry and biotechnology 25 (1), 104-110, 2016
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