Dhanya Sunil
Dhanya Sunil
Department of Chemistry, Manipal Institute of Technology, Manipal University, Karnataka, India
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6-[3-(4-Fluorophenyl)-1H-pyrazol-4-yl]-3-[(2-naphthyloxy) methyl][1, 2, 4] triazolo [3, 4-b][1, 3, 4] thiadiazole as a potent antioxidant and an anticancer agent induces growth …
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N′-((2-(6-bromo-2-oxo-2H-chromen-3-yl)-1H-indol-3-yl) methylene) benzohydrazide as a probable Bcl-2/Bcl-xL inhibitor with apoptotic and anti-metastatic potential
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Oxazepine derivative as an antitumor agent and snail1 inhibitor against human colorectal adenocarcinoma
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Synthesis, characterization, antioxidant, and anticancer studies of 6-[3-(4-chlorophenyl)-1H-pyrazol-4-yl]-3-[(2-naphthyloxy) methyl][1, 2, 4] triazolo [3, 4-b][1, 3, 4 …
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Inhibition Behaviour of 2-[(2-Methylquinolin-8-yl) Oxy] Acetohydrazide on the Corrosion of Mild Steel in Hydrochloric Acid Solution
P Kumari, P Shetty, SA Rao, D Sunil
Transactions of the Indian Institute of Metals 70 (4), 1139-1150, 2017
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