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A simple and effective approach to the synthesis of rhodanine derivatives via three-component reactions in water
A Alizadeh, S Rostamnia, N Zohreh, R Hosseinpour
Tetrahedron Letters 50 (14), 1533-1535, 2009
Covalent immobilization of cellulase using magnetic poly (ionic liquid) support: improvement of the enzyme activity and stability
SH Hosseini, SA Hosseini, N Zohreh, M Yaghoubi, A Pourjavadi
Journal of agricultural and food chemistry 66 (4), 789-798, 2018
One-pot synthesis of functionalized furamide derivatives via a three-component reaction between an amine, diketene and dibenzoylacetylene in the presence of triphenylphosphine
A Alizadeh, N Zohreh, S Rostamnia
Tetrahedron 63 (34), 8083-8087, 2007
Solvent-free synthesis of penta-substituted pyrroles: one-pot reaction of amine, alkyl acetoacetate, and fumaryl chloride
A Alizadeh, M Babaki, N Zohreh
Tetrahedron 65 (8), 1704-1707, 2009
Cross-linked poly (dimethylaminoethyl acrylamide) coated magnetic nanoparticles: a high loaded, retrievable, and stable basic catalyst for the synthesis of benzopyranes in water
N Zohreh, SH Hosseini, A Pourjavadi, C Bennett
RSC Advances 4 (91), 50047-50055, 2014
Hydrazine-modified starch coated magnetic nanoparticles as an effective pH-responsive nanocarrier for doxorubicin delivery
N Zohreh, SH Hosseini, A Pourjavadi
Journal of Industrial and Engineering Chemistry 39, 203-209, 2016
Novel approach to 1, 5-benzodiazepine-2-ones containing peptoid backbone via one-pot diketene-based ugi-4CR
N Zohreh, A Alizadeh, HR Bijanzadeh, LG Zhu
Journal of combinatorial chemistry 12 (4), 497-502, 2010
Magnetic nanoparticles entrapped in the cross-linked poly (imidazole/imidazolium) immobilized Cu (II): An effective heterogeneous copper catalyst
A Pourjavadi, SH Hosseini, N Zohreh, C Bennett
RSC advances 4 (87), 46418-46426, 2014
One-pot and stereoselective synthesis of 2, 3-dihydro-1, 5-benzodiazepin-2-one with a phosphanylidene or phosphono-succinate substituent
A Alizadeh, N Zohreh, LG Zhu
Tetrahedron 65 (13), 2684-2688, 2009
A One‐Pot Synthesis of 1,2‐Dihydroisoquinoline Derivatives from Isoquinoline via a Four‐Component Reaction
A Alizadeh, N Zohreh
Helvetica Chimica Acta 91 (5), 844-849, 2008
A novel multicomponent approach to the synthesis of 1, 3-thiazolidine-2-thiones
A Alizadeh, N Zohreh, H Sabahnoo, Z Noaparast
Tetrahedron 67 (9), 1709-1715, 2011
Immobilized copper(II) on nitrogen‐rich polymer‐entrapped Fe3O4 nanoparticles: a highly loaded and magnetically recoverable catalyst for aqueous click chemistry
N Zohreh, SH Hosseini, A Pourjavadi, C Bennett
Applied Organometallic Chemistry 30 (2), 73-80, 2016
A novel multicomponent method for the synthesis of 2-thioxo-1, 3-thiazolidin-4-ones
A Alizadeh, N Zohreh
Synlett 2009 (13), 2146-2148, 2009
Synthesis of ethylenetetracarboxylic acid derivatives
A Alizadeh, S Rostamnia, N Zohreh, HR Bijanzadeh
Monatshefte für Chemie-Chemical Monthly 139 (1), 49-52, 2008
Uncatalyzed one-pot synthesis of highly substituted pyridazines and pyrazoline-spirooxindoles via domino SN/condensation/aza-ene addition cyclization reaction sequence
N Zohreh, A Alizadeh
ACS combinatorial science 15 (6), 278-286, 2013
Tungstate-loaded triazine-based magnetic poly (Bis-imidazolium ionic liquid): An effective bi-functional catalyst for tandem selective oxidation/Knoevenagel condensation in water
N Zohreh, M Tavakolizadeh, SH Hosseini, A Pourjavadi, C Bennett
Polymer 112, 342-350, 2017
A unique approach to catalyst-free, one-pot synthesis of spirooxindole-pyrazolines
A Alizadeh, N Zohreh
Synlett 2012 (03), 428-432, 2012
Immobilized tungstate on magnetic poly (2-ammonium ethyl acrylamide): A high loaded heterogeneous catalyst for selective oxidation of sulfides using H2O2
N Zohreh, SH Hosseini, A Pourjavadi, R Soleyman, C Bennett
Journal of Industrial and Engineering Chemistry 44, 73-81, 2016
Simple and efficient one-pot synthesis of N-phenyl-3, 5-difunctionalized pyrazoles
N Zohreh, A Alizadeh
Tetrahedron 67 (25), 4595-4600, 2011
Stabilization of Au NPs on symmetrical tridentate NNN-Pincer ligand grafted on magnetic support as water dispersible and recyclable catalyst for coupling reaction of terminal …
N Zohreh, SH Hosseini, M Jahani, MS Xaba, R Meijboom
Journal of Catalysis 356, 255-268, 2017
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