K Shadak Alee, Assistant Professor
K Shadak Alee, Assistant Professor
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KS Alee, MM Brundavanam, SNB Bhaktha, A Chiappini, M Ferrari, ...
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Optical characteristics of different Bragg planes of 3D polystyrene photonic crystals in the LU and LK path of the first Brillouin zone of close packed fcc structure with large …
KS Alee, BM Carina, G Sriram, DN Rao
Proc. of SPIE Vol 8173, 81730I-1, 2010
Random and perturbed band-edge lasing in an amplifying quasi-periodic microdroplet array
KS Alee, S Mujumdar
2015 Workshop on Recent Advances in Photonics (WRAP), 1-4, 2015
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