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Dr. SarathChandran C.
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Nanostructured polymer blends
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RASST Sarath Chandran,*ab F. Antolasic,b K. J. Eichhorn
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Percolated Network Formation in Biocidal 3D Porous PCL/ Clay Nanocomposite Scaffolds: Effect of organic modifier on Interfacial and Water Sorption Properties
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CSST C. Sarath Chandran, Rene Muller, M. Bouquey
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ST SARATH CHANDRAN C, Frank Antolasic, Robert Shanks
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Interfacial interactions of thermally reduced graphene in poly(trimethylene terephthalate)-epoxy resin based composites
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Poly (Trimethylene terephthalate)-the new generation of engineering thermoplastic polyester
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Block Co-polymer of Epoxy Resin and Poly(trimethylene terephthalate): Preparation, Characterization and Properties
ST Sarathchandran.C, Robert A. Shanks
37th Annual Condensed Matter and Materials Meeting, 2014
Non-isothermal crystallization poly (lactic acid)-hemp-silica nanocomposites plasticized with tributyl citrate
RASIK I.R. Mustapa, S. Chandran
37th Annual Condensed matter and materials meeting, 2014, 2014
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