Soumavo Ghosh
Soumavo Ghosh
Senior Research Fellow, Department of Chemistry, University of Calcutta, Guest lecturer
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Subtle Structural Changes in (CuIIL)2MnII Complexes To Induce Heterometallic Cooperative Catalytic Oxidase Activities on Phenolic Substrates (H2L = Salen …
P Mahapatra, S Ghosh, S Giri, V Rane, R Kadam, MGB Drew, A Ghosh
Inorganic Chemistry 56 (9), 5105-5121, 2017
Use of Metalloligands [CuL] (H2L = Salen Type Di-Schiff Bases) in the Formation of Heterobimetallic Copper(II)-Uranyl Complexes: Photophysical Investigations …
S Ghosh, S Biswas, A Bauza, M Barceló-Oliver, A Frontera, A Ghosh
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Linker Stoichiometry-Controlled Stepwise Supramolecular Growth of a Flexible Cu2Tb Single Molecule Magnet from Monomer to Dimer to One-Dimensional Chain
S Ghosh, Y Ida, T Ishida, A Ghosh
Crystal growth & design 14 (5), 2588-2598, 2014
Strong Ferromagnetic Exchange Interactions in Hinge-like Dy(O2Cu)2 Complexes Involving Double Oxygen Bridges
Y Ida, S Ghosh, A Ghosh, H Nojiri, T Ishida
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Trinuclear heterometallic Cu II–Mn II complexes of a salen type Schiff base ligand: anion dependent variation of phenoxido bridging angles and magnetic coupling
P Seth, S Ghosh, A Figuerola, A Ghosh
Dalton Transactions 43 (3), 990-998, 2014
Solvent-templated supramolecular isomerism in 2D coordination polymer constructed by Ni II 2 Co II nodes and dicyanamido spacers: drastic change in magnetic behaviours
S Ghosh, S Mukherjee, P Seth, PS Mukherjee, A Ghosh
Dalton Transactions 42 (37), 13554-13564, 2013
Structural variations in (CuL) 2 Ln complexes of a series of lanthanide ions with a salen-type unsymmetrical Schiff base (H 2 L): Dy and Tb derivatives as potential single …
P Mahapatra, S Ghosh, N Koizumi, T Kanetomo, T Ishida, MGB Drew, ...
Dalton Transactions 46 (36), 12095-12105, 2017
In situ transformation of a tridentate to a tetradentate unsymmetric Schiff base ligand via deaminative coupling in Ni (II) complexes: crystal structures, magnetic properties …
M Mondal, S Ghosh, S Maity, S Giri, A Ghosh
Inorganic Chemistry Frontiers 7 (1), 247-259, 2020
Reaction of Cu (II) Chelates with Uranyl Nitrate to Form a Coordination Complex or H-Bonded Adduct: Experimental Observations and Rationalization by Theoretical Calculations
P Bhunia, S Ghosh, RM Gomila, A Frontera, A Ghosh
Inorganic Chemistry 59 (21), 15848-15861, 2020
Key Role of Size and Electronic Configuration on the Sign and Strength of the Magnetic Coupling in a Series of Cu2Ln Trimers (Ln = Ce, Gd, Tb, Dy and Er)
S Ghosh, CJ Gomez Garcia, JM Clemente-Juan, A Ghosh
Magnetochemistry 2 (1), 2, 2015
Coordination of metalloligand [NiL](H2L= salen type N2O2 Schiff base ligand) to the f-block elements: Structural elucidation and spectrophotometric investigation
S Ghosh, A Ghosh
Inorganica chimica acta 442, 64-69, 2016
The unusual intermediate species in the formation of Ni (II) complexes of unsymmetrical Schiff bases by Elder’s method: Structural, electrochemical and magnetic characterizations
P Mahapatra, S Ghosh, S Giri, A Ghosh
Polyhedron 117, 427-436, 2016
The Impact of Anion‐Modulated Structural Variations on the Magnetic Coupling in Trinuclear Heterometallic CuII–CoII Complexes Derived from a Salen‐Type …
S Ghosh, G Aromí, P Gamez, A Ghosh
European Journal of Inorganic Chemistry 2014 (21), 3341-3349, 2014
Synthesis, structure and magnetic properties of three CuII2LnIII complexes (Ln= Pr, Nd and Sm) with an unsymmetrical Schiff base ligand
S Maity, S Ghosh, P Mahapatra, A Ghosh
Inorganica Chimica Acta 482, 807-812, 2018
An adaptable heterometallic trinuclear coordination cluster in the synthesis of tailored one-dimensional architecture: Structural characterization, magnetic analysis and …
S Ghosh, S Giri, A Ghosh
Polyhedron 102, 366-374, 2015
A predesigned 1D chain of alternating di-μ1, 1-azido bridged dinuclear Ni (II) and pyrazine: Synthesis, structure and magnetic properties
R Biswas, S Mukherjee, S Ghosh, C Diaz, A Ghosh
Inorganic Chemistry Communications 56, 108-111, 2015
Elucidating the secondary effect in the Lewis acid mediated anodic shift of electrochemical oxidation of a Cu (II) complex with a N 2 O 2 donor unsymmetrical ligand
S Maity, S Ghosh, A Ghosh
Dalton Transactions 48 (39), 14898-14913, 2019
Syntheses, Crystal Structure and Magnetic Properties of an Unprecedented One‐Dimensional Coordination Polymer Derived from an {(NiL) 2Ln} Node and a Pyrazine Spacer (H2L= N, N …
S Ghosh, P Mahapatra, T Kanetomo, MGB Drew, T Ishida, A Ghosh
ChemistrySelect 1 (11), 2722-2729, 2016
Structural and Magnetic Analysis of Retrosynthetically Designed Architectures Built from a Triply Bridged Heterometallic (CuL)2Co Node and Benzenedicarboxylates
S Ghosh, G Aromí, P Gamez, A Ghosh
European Journal of Inorganic Chemistry 2015 (18), 3028-3037, 2015
role of redox-inactive metal ions in modulating the reduction potential of uranyl Schiff base complexes: Detailed experimental and theoretical studies
TK Ghosh, S Maity, S Ghosh, RM Gomila, A Frontera, A Ghosh
Inorganic Chemistry 61 (18), 7130-7142, 2022
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