Suhash Reddy Chavva
Suhash Reddy Chavva
Department of Oncologic Sciences, USA Mitchell Cancer Institute, University of South Alabama
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Aptamer-conjugated graphene oxide membranes for highly efficient capture and accurate identification of multiple types of circulating tumor cells
BP Viraka Nellore, R Kanchanapally, A Pramanik, SS Sinha, SR Chavva, ...
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Hybrid graphene oxide based plasmonic-magnetic multifunctional nanoplatform for selective separation and label-free identification of Alzheimer’s disease biomarkers
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Hybrid theranostic platform for second near-IR window light triggered selective two-photon imaging and photothermal killing of targeted melanoma cells
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Highly efficient and excitation tunable two-photon luminescence platform for targeted multi-color MDRB imaging using graphene oxide
A Pramanik, Z Fan, SR Chavva, SS Sinha, PC Ray
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Development of Multifunctional Fluorescent–Magnetic Nanoprobes for Selective Capturing and Multicolor Imaging of Heterogeneous Circulating Tumor Cells
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Aptamer-conjugated theranostic hybrid graphene oxide with highly selective biosensing and combined therapy capability
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Long-range two-photon scattering spectroscopy ruler for screening prostate cancer cells
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Multimodal nonlinear optical imaging of live cells using plasmon-coupled DNA-mediated gold nanoprism assembly
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Theranostic graphene oxide for prostate cancer detection and treatment
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Development of a SERS Probe for Selective Detection of Healthy Prostate and Malignant Prostate Cancer Cells Using ZnII
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Chemistry–An Asian Journal 12 (6), 665-672, 2017
Drug-loaded exosomal preparations from different cell types exhibit distinctive loading capability, yield, and antitumor efficacies: a comparative analysis
R Kanchanapally, SK Deshmukh, SR Chavva, N Tyagi, SK Srivastava, ...
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Designing a multicolor long range nanoscopic ruler for the imaging of heterogeneous tumor cells
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Comparative analyses of drug-loaded exosomal preparations from different cell types reveal distinctive loading capability, yield, and anti-tumor efficacies
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Cancer Research 79 (13 Supplement), 992-992, 2019
EGCG-gold nanoparticles exhibit greater anti-tumor activity over conventional gold nanoparticles or EGCG due to potential synergistic interactions
SR Chavva, SK Deshmukh, R Kanchanapally, N Tyagi, JW Coym, ...
Cancer Research 79 (13 Supplement), 3639-3639, 2019
Epigallocatechin Gallate-Gold Nanoparticles Exhibit Superior Antitumor Activity Compared to Conventional Gold Nanoparticles: Potential Synergistic Interactions
SR Chavva, SK Deshmukh, R Kanchanapally, N Tyagi, JW Coym, ...
Nanomaterials 9 (3), 396, 2019
Efficient removal and killing of multidrug-resistant Staphylococcus aureus (MRSA) using polycyclic antibacterial peptide-functionalized 3D porous graphene oxide membrane
A Pramanik, R Kanchanapally, BPV Nellore, S Sinha, S Chavva, S Jones, ...
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