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Stabilization of ruthenium nanoparticles over NiV-LDH surface for enhanced electrochemical water splitting: an oxygen vacancy approach
A Karmakar, K Karthick, SS Sankar, S Kumaravel, R Madhu, K Bera, ...
Journal of Materials Chemistry A 10 (7), 3618-3632, 2022
Boosting of overall water splitting activity by regulating the electron distribution over the active sites of Ce doped NiCo–LDH and atomic level understanding of the catalyst …
HN Dhandapani, D Mahendiran, A Karmakar, P Devi, S Nagappan, ...
Journal of Materials Chemistry A 10 (34), 17488-17500, 2022
Vanadium-doped nickel cobalt layered double hydroxide: A high-performance oxygen evolution reaction electrocatalyst in alkaline medium
K Bera, A Karmakar, S Kumaravel, S Sam Sankar, R Madhu, ...
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Revealing the pH-Universal Electrocatalytic Activity of Co-Doped RuO2 toward the Water Oxidation Reaction
R Madhu, A Karmakar, S Kumaravel, SS Sankar, K Bera, S Nagappan, ...
ACS Applied Materials & Interfaces 14 (1), 1077-1091, 2021
Rationally constructing chalcogenide-hydroxide heterostructures with amendment of electronic structure for Overall water splitting reaction
SK Ragunath Madhu, Rahul Jayan, Arun Karmakar, Sam Sankar Selvasundarasekar ...
ACS Sustainable Chemistry and Engineering, 2022
Constructing electrospun spinel NiFe 2 O 4 nanofibers decorated with palladium ions as nanosheets heterostructure: boosting electrocatalytic activity of HER in alkaline water …
SS Selvasundarasekar, TK Bijoy, S Kumaravel, A Karmakar, R Madhu, ...
Nanoscale 14 (29), 10360-10374, 2022
Accelerating the Electrocatalytic Performance of NiFe–LDH via Sn Doping toward the Water Oxidation Reaction under Alkaline Condition
K Bera, R Madhu, HN Dhandapani, S Nagappan, A De, S Kundu
Inorganic Chemistry 61 (42), 16895-16904, 2022
Electronically Modified Ce3+ Ion Doped 2D NiFe-LDH Nanosheets over a 1D Microfiber: A High-Performance Electrocatalyst for Overall Water Splitting
S Nagappan, A Karmakar, R Madhu, H N Dhandapani, K Bera, A De, ...
ACS Applied Energy Materials 5 (10), 12768-12781, 2022
2D CoFe-LDH nanosheet-incorporated 1D microfibers as a high-performance OER electrocatalyst in neutral and alkaline media
S Nagappan, A Karmakar, R Madhu, SS Selvasundarasekar, ...
ACS Applied Energy Materials 5 (9), 11483-11497, 2022
Effective Formation of a Mn-ZIF-67 Nanofibrous Network via Electrospinning: An Active Electrocatalyst for OER in Alkaline Medium
SS Selvasundarasekar, TK Bijoy, S Kumaravel, A Karmakar, R Madhu, ...
ACS Applied Materials & Interfaces 14 (41), 46581-46594, 2022
Modulating the surface electronic structure of active Ni sites by engineering hierarchical NiFe-LDH/CuS over Cu foam as an efficient electrocatalyst for water splitting
H N Dhandapani, A Karmakar, SS Selvasundarasekar, S Kumaravel, ...
Inorganic Chemistry 61 (51), 21055-21066, 2022
Recent Advancement of 2D Bi-Metallic Hydroxides with Various Strategical Modification for the Sustainable Hydrogen Production through Water Electrolysis
S Nagappan, HN Dh, A Karmakar, S Kundu
ES Materials & Manufacturing 19, 830, 2023
Recent developments in transition metal-based MOFs for electrocatalytic water splitting emphasizing fundamental and structural aspects
R Madhu, A Karmakar, K Bera, S Nagappan, HN Dhandapani, SS Roy, ...
Materials Chemistry Frontiers, 2023
Three-Dimensional Sm Doped NiCu-LDH on Ni Foam as Highly Robust Bi-functional Electrocatalyst for Total Water Splitting
SK Suprobhat Singha Roy, Arun Karmakar, Ragunath Madhu, Sreenivasan Nagappan ...
ACS Applied Energy Materials, 2023
Tuning the Surface Electronic Structure of Amorphous NiWO4 by Doping Fe as an Electrocatalyst for OER
H N Dhandapani, R Madhu, A De, MA Salem, B Ramesh Babu, S Kundu
Inorganic chemistry, 2023
Vacancy-fused multiple layers of copper sulfoselenide superstructures: a propitious HER electrocatalyst in acidic medium
S Kumaravel, D Kumar, SS Sankar, A Karmakar, R Madhu, K Bera, ...
Catalysis Science & Technology 13 (3), 694-704, 2023
rsc. li/frontiers-materials
F Xu, Y Zou, Y Dai, M Li, Z Li, R Madhu, A Karmakar, K Bera, S Nagappan, ...
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