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Hypoxia Regulates Alternative Splicing of HIF and non-HIF Target GenesHypoxia Regulates Alternative Splicing
JA Sena, L Wang, LE Heasley, CJ Hu
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Crude oil impairs immune function and increases susceptibility to pathogenic bacteria in southern flounder
RJG Keith M Bayha, Natalie Ortell, Caitlin N Ryan, Kimberly J Griffitt ...
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HIFs Enhance the Transcriptional Activation and Splicing of AdrenomedullinHIFs Enhance Splicing of Adrenomedullin
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Dairy Farm Age and Resistance to Antimicrobial Agents in Escherichia coli Isolated from Dairy Topsoil
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Comparative gene expression in cells competent in or lacking DNA-PKcs kinase activity following etoposide exposure reveal differences in gene expression associated with histone …
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Endless forms: within-host variation in the structure of the West Nile virus RNA genome during serial passage in bird hosts
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HIFs regulate alternative splicing of HIF target genes
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Short-term high fat diet alters genes associated with metabolic and vascular dysfunction during adolescence in rats: a pilot study
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The Hypoxia Response Pathway is Functional Despite a Mutation in HIF‐1α in the Antarctic Notothenioid Fish Notothenia coriiceps
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Effects of physiological deficits in pineal melatonin on Triple Negative Breast Cancer
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