mohammad sadegh amini fazl
mohammad sadegh amini fazl
Assistant Professor,Department of Applied Chemistry,Faculty of Chemistry, University of Tabriz
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Taguchi optimized synthesis of collagen-g-poly (acrylic acid)/kaolin composite superabsorbent hydrogel
A Pourjavadi, M Ayyari, MS Amini-Fazl
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Grafting of acrylamide onto kappa-carrageenan via γ-irradiation: Optimization and swelling behavior
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Using microwave irradiation to prepare new poly (amide-imide) s containing tetrahydropyrimidinone, tetrahydro-2-thioxopyrimidine, and trimellitic rings in their main chains …
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Optimization of synthetic conditions CMC-g-poly (acrylic acid)/Celite composite superabsorbent by Taguchi method and determination of its absorbency under load
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Optimization of synthetic conditions of a novel collagen‐based superabsorbent hydrogel by Taguchi method and investigation of its metal ions adsorption
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Simultaneous determination of theophylline, theobromine and caffeine in different tea beverages by graphene-oxide based ultrasonic-assisted dispersive micro solid-phase …
H Sereshti, M Khosraviani, S Samadi, MS Amini-Fazl
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The possibility of sensing and inactivating the hazardous air pollutant species via adsorption and their [2+ 3] cycloaddition reactions with C20 fullerene
SA Siadati, MS Amini-Fazl, E Babanezhad
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Investigation of aqueous stability of taxol in different release media
MS Amini-Fazl, H Mobedi, J Barzin
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Dextran-graft-poly (hydroxyethyl methacrylate) gels: a new biosorbent for fluoride removal of water
A Ahmari, SA Mousavi, A Amini-Fazl, MS Amini-Fazl, R Ahmari
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5‑Fluorouracil loaded chitosan/polyacrylic acid/Fe3O4 magnetic nanocomposite hydrogel as a potential anticancer drug delivery system
MS Amini-Fazl, R Mohammadi, K Kheiri
International journal of biological macromolecules 132, 506-513, 2019
Antibacterial and wound healing properties of thymol (Thymus vulgaris Oil) and its application in a novel wound dressing
P Mollarafie, P Khadiv Parsi, R Zarghami, M Amini Fazl, R Ghafarzadegan
فصلنامه علمی پژوهشی گیاهان دارویی 1 (53), 69-81, 2015
Incorporation of HSA microparticles within the taxol-loaded in situ forming PLGA microspheres: synthesis, characterization, and drug release
MS Amini-Fazl, H Mobedi, J Barzin
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Gas separation properties of crosslinked and non-crosslinked carboxymethylcellulose (CMC) membranes
SI Miremadi, N Shafiabadi, MS Amini-Fazl
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Dextran-graft-poly (hydroxyethyl methacrylate) biosorbents for removal of dyes and metal cations
MS Amini-Fazl, A Ahmari
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Investigation of mathematical models based on diffusion control release for Paclitaxel from in-situ forming PLGA microspheres containing HSA microparticles
MS Amini-Fazl, H Mobedi
Materials Technology 35 (1), 50-59, 2020
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