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AK Patra, R Mukherjee
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A Dutta, SK Saha, P Banerjee, AK Patra, D Sukul
RSC advances 6 (78), 74833-74844, 2016
First {Fe−NO}6 Complex with an N2S3Fe−NO Core as a Model of NO-Inactivated Iron-Containing Nitrile Hydratase. Are Thiolates and Thioethers Equivalent …
CA Grapperhaus, AK Patra, MS Mashuta
Inorganic chemistry 41 (5), 1039-1041, 2002
Syntheses, Structures, and Reactivities of {Fe−NO}6 Nitrosyls Derived from Polypyridine-Carboxamide Ligands:  Photoactive NO-Donors and Reagents for S …
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Biological activity of designed photolabile metal nitrosyls: light-dependent activation of soluble guanylate cyclase and vasorelaxant properties in rat aorta
M Madhani, AK Patra, TW Miller, AA Eroy-Reveles, AJ Hobbs, JM Fukuto, ...
Journal of medicinal chemistry 49 (25), 7325-7330, 2006
Synthesis and Characterization of N2S3X−Fe Models of Iron-Containing Nitrile Hydratase
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Spontaneous Reduction of a Low-Spin Fe(III) Complex of a Neutral Pentadentate N5 Schiff Base Ligand to the Corresponding Fe(II) Species in Acetonitrile
AK Patra, MM Olmstead, PK Mascharak
Inorganic chemistry 41 (21), 5403-5409, 2002
Thermally Induced Stoichiometric and Catalytic O‐Atom Transfer by a Non‐Heme Iron (iii)–Nitro Complex: First Example of Reversible {Fe–NO} 7↔ FeIII‐NO2 Transformation in the …
AK Patra, RK Afshar, JM Rowland, MM Olmstead, PK Mascharak
Angewandte Chemie International Edition 42 (37), 4517-4521, 2003
Synthesis, crystal structure and properties of trigonal bipyramidal [M (L 5) 2 (H 2 O)] ĚH 2 O complexes [Má= ácobalt (II)(S á= á3/2) or copper (II)(S á= á1/2); HL 5 á= á N-(2 …
AK Patra
Journal of the Chemical Society, Dalton Transactions, 2461-2466, 1999
Reactions of Nitric Oxide with a Low-Spin Fe(III) Center Ligated to a Tetradentate Dicarboxamide N4 Ligand:  Parallels between Heme and Non-heme Systems
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Copper complexes relevant to the catalytic cycle of copper nitrite reductase: electrochemical detection of NO (g) evolution and flipping of NO2 binding mode upon CuII→ CuI …
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Journal of inorganic biochemistry 99 (7), 1458-1464, 2005
Magneto–structural studies of monohydroxo-bridged dicopper (II) complexes M [Cu2L2 (OH)]· 2H2O (M= Na+ (1) and K+ (2); H2L= 2, 6-bis [N-(phenyl) carbamoyl] pyridine). Effect of …
AK Patra, M Ray, R Mukherjee
Polyhedron 19 (12), 1423-1428, 2000
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