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An Efficient Friedel–Crafts/Oxa‐Michael/Aromatic Annulation: Rapid Access to Substituted Naphtho[2,1‐b]furan, Naphtho[1,2‐b]furan, and Benzofuran Derivatives
S Anwar, WY Huang, CH Chen, YS Cheng, K Chen
Chemistry–A European Journal 19 (13), 4344-4351, 2013
Organocatalytic synthesis of substituted spirocyclohexane carbaldehydes via [4+ 2] annulation strategy between 2-arylideneindane-1, 3-diones and glutaraldehyde
S Anwar, SM Li, K Chen
Organic letters 16 (11), 2993-2995, 2014
Synthesis and resolution of 1-(α-pyrrolidinylbenzyl)-2-naphthol and its application in the resolution of 2, 2′-dihydroxy-1, 1′-binaphthyl
M Periasamy, MN Reddy, S Anwar
Tetrahedron: Asymmetry 15 (11), 1809-1812, 2004
Organocatalytic synthesis of multiple substituted bicyclo [4.4. 0] decalin system
S Anwar, HJ Chang, K Chen
Organic Letters 13 (9), 2200-2203, 2011
Morita–Baylis–Hillman (MBH) reaction derived nitroallylic alcohols, acetates and amines as synthons in organocatalysis and heterocycle synthesis
WY Huang, S Anwar, K Chen
The Chemical Record 17 (3), 363-381, 2017
Novel tacrine derivatives exhibiting improved acetylcholinesterase inhibition: Design, synthesis and biological evaluation
EK Reddy, C Remya, K Mantosh, AM Sajith, RV Omkumar, C Sadasivan, ...
European journal of medicinal chemistry 139, 367-377, 2017
The combination of domino process and kinetic resolution: organocatalytic synthesis of functionalised cyclopentenes by sequential SN2′-Michael reaction
LF Yeh, S Anwar, K Chen
Tetrahedron 68 (36), 7317-7321, 2012
Functionalised dihydroazo pyrimidine derivatives from Morita–Baylis–Hillman acetates: synthesis and studies against acetylcholinesterase as its inhibitors
EK Reddy, C Remya, AM Sajith, KV Dileep, C Sadasivan, S Anwar
RSC advances 6 (81), 77431-77439, 2016
Pyrrolidine-linker-camphor assembly: bifunctional organocatalysts for efficient Michael addition of cyclohexanone to nitroolefins under neat conditions
S Anwar, PH Lee, TY Chou, C Chang, K Chen
Tetrahedron 67 (6), 1171-1177, 2011
Convenient methods for the synthesis of chiral amino alcohols and amines
M Periasamy, P Vairaprakash, GP Muthukumaragopal, S Anwar, ...
Chimia 67 (1-2), 23-23, 2013
A convenient method for the preparation of oxazaborolidine catalyst in situ using (S)-α, α-diphenylpyrrolidinemethanol, tetrabutylammonium borohydride, and methyl iodide for …
S Anwar, M Periasamy
Tetrahedron: Asymmetry 17 (23), 3244-3247, 2006
Simple and convenient methods for synthesis, resolution and application of aminonaphthols
M Periasamy, S Anwar, MN Reddy
CSIR, 2009
An efficient, multicomponent, green protocol to access 4, 7-dihydrotetrazolo [1, 5-a] pyrimidines and 5,6,7,9-tetrahydrotetrazolo[5,1-b]quinazolin-8(4H)-ones using …
S Firoj Basha, TN Prasad, VB Gudise, VS Kumar, N Mulakayala, S Anwar
Synthetic Communications 49 (22), 3181-3190, 2019
Neuroprotective derivatives of tacrine that target NMDA receptor and acetyl cholinesterase – Design, synthesis and biological evaluation
RVO Chandran Remya, K.V. Dileep, Eeda Koti Reddy, Kumar Mantosh, Kesavan ...
Computational and Structural Biotechnology Journal 19, 4517–4537, 2021
Oxa‐Michael–Michael Reaction of MBH Alcohol and 2‐Arylidene‐1, 3‐indanedione: Regioselective Formal [4+ 2] Cycloaddition towards Tetrahydrospiropyran Scaffolds
VB Gudise, PC Settipalli, EK Reddy, S Anwar
European Journal of Organic Chemistry 2019 (12), 2234-2242, 2019
Organocatalytic synthesis of spirocarbocycles
YS Cheng, S Anwar, K Chen
Mini-Reviews in Organic Chemistry 15 (5), 364-373, 2018
Understanding the Mechanism of SN2′ vs. SN2 in Cascade Reaction of β‐Naphthol and Nitrostyrene Derived MBH Acetates
VS Kumar, VB Gudise, PC Settipalli, EK Reddy, S Firoj Basha, YP Reddy, ...
ChemistrySelect 5 (10), 3080-3084, 2020
Drug re-purposing approach and potential therapeutic strategies to treat COVID-19
EK Reddy, S Battula, S Anwar, AM Sajith
Mini Reviews in Medicinal Chemistry 21 (6), 704-723, 2021
Design, synthesis and biological evaluation of substituted 2-amino-1, 3-thiazine derivatives as antituberculosis and anti-cancer agents
T Nagendra Prasad, KR Eeda, VB Gudise, SF Basha, S Anwar
Synthetic Communications 49 (10), 1277-1285, 2019
Organocascade Synthesis of Spiro [chroman‐3, 2′‐indanedione] Scaffolds via [4+ 2] or [1+ 1+ 4] Cyclisation
VB Gudise, PC Settipalli, YP Reddy, S Anwar
ChemistrySelect 6 (47), 13589-13594, 2021
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