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Ashish Khandelwal
Ashish Khandelwal
Division of Environment Science, ICAR-Indian Agricultural Research
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इन्होंने कहा
Degradation of kresoxim-methyl in soil: impact of varying moisture, organic matter, soil sterilization, soil type, light and atmospheric CO2 level
A Khandelwal, S Gupta, VT Gajbhiye, E Varghese
Chemosphere 111, 209-217, 2014
Linear and nonlinear isotherm models and error analysis for the sorption of kresoxim-methyl in agricultural soils of India
A Khandelwal, N Narayanan, E Varghese, S Gupta
Bulletin of environmental contamination and toxicology 104, 503-510, 2020
Synthesis of Nanoparticles and their Application in Agriculture
A Khandelwal, R Joshi
Acta Scientific Agriculture 2 (3), 10-13, 2018
Heavy metal hyperaccumulator plants: the resource to understand the extreme adaptations of plants towards heavy metals
M Shrivastava, A Khandelwal, S Srivastava
Plant-metal interactions, 79-97, 2019
Production of biofuels options by contribution of effective and suitable enzymes: technological developments and challenges
R Singh, S Langyan, B Rohtagi, S Darjee, A Khandelwal, M Shrivastava, ...
Materials Science for Energy Technologies, 2022
Degradation of Kresoxim-Methyl in Water: Impact of Varying pH, Temperature, Light and Atmospheric CO2 Level
A Khandelwal, S Gupta, VT Gajbhiye, E Varghese
Bulletin of environmental contamination and toxicology 96, 130-136, 2016
Integrated nutrient management reduced the nutrient losses and increased crop yield in irrigated wheat
S Darjee, M Shrivastava, S Langyan, G Singh, R Pandey, A Sharma, ...
Archives of Agronomy and Soil Science 69 (8), 1298-1309, 2023
Protein for Human Consumption From Oilseed Cakes: A Review
MS Renu Singh, Sapna Langyan, Seema Sangwan, Bharti Rohtagi, Ashish Khandelwal
Frontiers in Sustainable Food System, 2022
Free and immobilized microbial culture–mediated crude oil degradation and microbial diversity changes through taxonomic and functional markers in a sandy loam soil
A Khandelwal, R Sugavanam, B Ramakrishnan, A Dutta, E Varghese, ...
Frontiers in Environmental Science 9, 794303, 2022
Genetic divergence of cape gooseberry ('Physalis peruviana' L.) genotypes in India
V Kumar, S Sahay, F Ahmad, V Nirgude, RS Singh, A Khandelwal
International Journal of Agriculture, Environment & Biotechnology 9 (1), 2016
Use of bio-based nanoparticles in agriculture
A Khandelwal, R Joshi, P Mukherjee, SD Singh, M Shrivastava
Nanotechnology for agriculture: Advances for sustainable agriculture, 89-100, 2019
Effect of surfactant on degradation of Aspergillus sp. and Trichoderma sp. mediated crude oil
A Khandelwal, SB Singh, A Sharma, L Nain, E Varghese, N Singh
International Journal of Environmental Analytical Chemistry 103 (7), 1667-1680, 2023
Bacteria and fungi mediated degradation of poly aromatic hydrocarbons and effect of surfactant Tween-80
A Khandelwal, L Nain, SB Singh, E Varghese, A Sharma, S Gupta, ...
International Journal of Environmental Analytical Chemistry, https://doi.org …, 2021
Preparation of modified rice straw-based bio-adsorbents for the improved removal of heavy metals from wastewater
P Bhadoria, M Shrivastava, A Khandelwal, R Das, S Langyan, B Rohatgi, ...
Sustainable Chemistry and Pharmacy 29, 100742, 2022
Biopolymeric superabsorbent hydrogels enhance crop and water productivity of soybean–wheat system in Indo-Gangetic plains of India
GA Rajanna, S Manna, A Singh, S Babu, VK Singh, A Dass, ...
Scientific Reports 12 (1), 11955, 2022
Dendritic polyurea microcapsule: a slow release nitrogenous fertilizer
A Khandelwal, M Singh, R Singh, M Shrivastava
Iranian Polymer Journal 30 (12), 1309-1316, 2021
Characterization of nanomaterials using different techniques
R Joshi, A Khandelwal, M Shrivastava, SD Singh
Soil Analysis: Recent Trends and Applications, 187-198, 2020
Adsorption-desorption, mobility and degradation behaviour of kresoxim-methyl and acid metabolite in Delhi soil
A Khandelwal, S Gupta, VT Gajbhiye
International Journal of Environmental Engineering and Management 4 (3), 211-218, 2013
Optimization and production of alpha-amylase using Bacillus subtilis from apple peel: Comparison with alternate feedstock
R Singh, S Langyan, S Sangwan, P Gaur, FN Khan, P Yadava, B Rohatgi, ...
Food Bioscience 49, 101978, 2022
Integrated application of inorganic and bio-fertilizers affects nitrogen losses and yield of wheat (Triticum aestivum L.)
S Darjee, LR Pooja, A Khandelwal, S Dhar, M Shrivastava, R Singh
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