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Role of the magnetic anisotropy in organic spin valves
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Structural, magnetic and electronic properties of Ti-doped BaFeO3-δ exhibiting colossal dielectric permittivity
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Giant Spin Seebeck Effect through an Interface Organic Semiconductor
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arXiv preprint arXiv:1905.04555, 2019
Effect of antiphase boundaries on the magnetic properties of La2CoMnO6
RP Madhogaria, R Das, EM Clements, V Kalappattil, NS Bingham, ...
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Magnetic doping of 2D semiconductor crystals
N Kapuruge, V Kalappattil, F Nugera, MH Phan, H Gutierrez
APS Meeting Abstracts, 2019
Emergent Transition Metal Dichalcogenide Monolayer Ferromagnetism at Terminated Edges
V Kalappattil, S Kolekar, M Bonilla, R Das, T Eggers, K Hoang, M Batzill, ...
APS Meeting Abstracts, 2019
Spin Seebeck effect and related phenomena in functional magnetic oxides
V Kalappattil
University of South Florida, 2018
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