Dr. Ganesh S. Ghotekar
Dr. Ganesh S. Ghotekar
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Transition-Metal-Free Benzannulation of Tricarbonyl Derivatives with Arynes: Access to 1, 3-Dinaphthol Precursors for the Synthesis of Rhodamine Dye Analogues
GS Ghotekar, AC Shaikh, M Muthukrishnan
The Journal of Organic Chemistry 84 (4), 2269-2276, 2019
Transition metal free regio-selective C–H hydroxylation of chromanones towards the synthesis of hydroxyl-chromanones using PhI (OAc) 2 as the oxidant
N Viswanadh, GS Ghotekar, MB Thoke, R Velayudham, AC Shaikh, ...
Chemical Communications 54 (18), 2252-2255, 2018
1, 6-Conjugate addition initiated formal [4+ 2] annulation of p-quinone methides with sulfonyl allenols: a unique access to spiro [5.5] undeca-1, 4-dien-3-one scaffolds
GS Ghotekar, SR Shirsath, AC Shaikh, M Muthukrishnan
Chemical Communications 56 (37), 5022-5025, 2020
Silver-Catalyzed Cascade Cyclization/1,6-Conjugate Addition of Homopropargyl Sulfonamides to p-Quinone Methides: An Approach to Diverse 3-Diarylmethine …
SR Shirsath, GS Ghotekar, V Bahadur, RG Gonnade, M Muthukrishnan
The Journal of Organic Chemistry 85 (23), 15038-15050, 2020
Total synthesis of marine natural products serinolamide A and columbamide D
GS Ghotekar, M Mujahid, M Muthukrishnan
ACS omega 4 (1), 1322-1328, 2019
Palladium-Catalyzed Oxidative Cyclization of α-Allenols in the Presence of TBN: Access to 3(2H)-Furanones
GS Ghotekar, RA Shinde, SS Saswade, M Muthukrishnan
The Journal of Organic Chemistry 88 (7), 4112-4122, 2023
A new enantioselective synthesis of antiobesity drug lorcaserin
GS Ghotekar, DA More, V Nalla, M Muthukrishnan
New Journal of Chemistry 43 (43), 16876-16880, 2019
Efficient Synthesis of Optically Active Neolignans Ligraminol D and E
GS Ghotekar, M Mujahid, M Muthukrishnan
Synthesis 51 (22), 4291-4295, 2019
BF3⋅Et2O‐Catalyzed Selective C‐4 Alkylation of Isoquinolin‐1(2H)‐ones Employing p‐Quinone Methides
DA More, GS Ghotekar, M Muthukrishnan
Chemistry–An Asian Journal 18 (17), e202300546, 2023
Boron-Mediated Regiospecific Ortho Halogenation of N-Aryl Am-ides and Ureas: Harnessing Boron Reactivity for Efficient CX Bond Formation
G Shinde, G Ghotekar, FA Noa, L Öhrström, PO Norrby, H Sundén
Regioselective ortho halogenation of N-aryl amides and ureas via oxidative halodeboronation: harnessing boron reactivity for efficient C–halogen bond installation
GH Shinde, GS Ghotekar, FMA Noa, L Öhrström, PO Norrby, H Sundén
Chemical Science, 2023
Asymmetric synthesis of biologically important compounds and development of synthetically useful CC and CO bond forming reactions via transition metal free conditions
GS Ghotekar
CSIR-National Chemical Laboratory, Pune, 2019
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