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Polyunsaturated fatty acids: biotechnology
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Dietary flaxseed oil and fish oil modulates expression of antioxidant and inflammatory genes with alleviation of protein glycation status and inflammation in liver of …
NM Jangale, PP Devarshi, AA Dubal, AE Ghule, SJ Koppikar, ...
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Beneficial effects of flaxseed oil and fish oil diet are through modulation of different hepatic genes involved in lipid metabolism in streptozotocin–nicotinamide induced …
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Rectal gel application of Withania somnifera root extract expounds anti-inflammatory and muco-restorative activity in TNBS-induced Inflammatory Bowel Disease
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Traditional ethnomedicinal knowledge confined to the Pawra tribe of Satpura Hills, Maharashtra, India.
PPKHAM Jagtap S. D., Deokule S. S.
Ethnobotanical Leaflets 13, 98-115., 0
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