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Cp*Co(III)-Catalyzed C(sp3)–H Bond Activation: A Highly Stereoselective and Regioselective Alkenylation of 8-Methylquinoline with Alkynes
M Sen, B Emayavaramban, N Barsu, JR Premkumar, B Sundararaju
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JR Premkumar, D Vijay, GN Sastry
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Isolation of Cp*CoIII–Alkenyl Intermediate in Efficient Cobalt‐Catalyzed C−H Alkenylation with Alkynes
M Sen, N Rajesh, B Emayavaramban, JR Premkumar, B Sundararaju
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Iodine-catalyzed tandem synthesis of terminal acetals and glycol mono esters from olefins
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Cation–Alkane Interaction
JR Premkumar, GN Sastry
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Synthesis and evaluation of new salicylaldehyde-2-picolinylhydrazone Schiff base compounds of Ru(II), Rh(III) and Ir(III) as in vitro antitumor, antibacterial and fluorescence …
MRK N. R. Palepu, S. L. Nongbri, J. R. Premkumar, A. K. Verma, K ...
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Design and synthesis of Tröger's base ditopic receptors: host–guest interactions, a combined theoretical and experimental study
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Half‐sandwich ruthenium, rhodium and iridium complexes featuring oxime ligands: Structural studies and preliminary investigation of in vitro and in vivo anti …
NR Palepu, S Adhikari, AK Verma, SL Shepherd, RM Phillips, ...
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Antibacterial, in vitro antitumor activity and structural studies of rhodium and iridium complexes featuring the two positional isomers of pyridine carbaldehyde picolinic …
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Quantifying dispersion interaction: a study of alkane and alkene dimers
JR Premkumar, D Umadevi, GN Sastry
NISCAIR-CSIR, India, 2014
1: 1 and 2: 1 cocrystallizations of alkoxy-substituted naphthalene derivatives with octafluoronaphthalene through arene–perfluoroarene interactions
A Hori, H Takeda, JR Premkumar, GN Sastry
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The trans opening of ethylene diamine tetra acetic acid bis anhydride (EDTAA) with cystine-di-OMe: one-step synthesis of bihelical systems
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In vitro Biological Activity Studies of Platinum Group Metal Complexes Containing N, N’- Bis(picolinoyl)hydrazine Ligand
WKKMR Narasinga Rao Palepu, J. Richard Premkumar, Akalesh K Verma, Kaushik ...
Current Inorganic Chemistry 6 (2), 127-140, 2016
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