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Influence of bases and ligands on the outcome of the Cu (I)-catalyzed oxidative homocoupling of terminal alkynes to 1, 4-disubstituted 1, 3-diynes using oxygen as an oxidant
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CC Malakar, A Baskakova, J Conrad, U Beifuss
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Cu-Catalyzed Reaction of 1,2-Dihalobenzenes with 1,3-Cyclohexanediones for the Synthesis of 3,4-Dihydrodibenzo[b,d]furan-1(2H)-ones
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In (OTf) 3 assisted synthesis of β-carboline C-3 tethered imidazo [1, 2-a] azine derivatives
N Devi, D Singh, G Kaur, S Mor, VPRK Putta, S Polina, CC Malakar, ...
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Metal–free Decarboxylative Amination: An Alternative Approach Towards Regioselective Synthesis of β‐Carboline N‐fused Imidazoles
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2, 3-Dihalo-1-propenes as building blocks in Cu (I)-catalyzed domino reactions: efficient and selective synthesis of furans
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Copper(I)-Catalyzed Intramolecular O-Arylation for the Synthesis of 2,3,4,9-Tetrahydro-1H-xanthen-1-ones with Low Loads of CuCl
K Sudheendran, CC Malakar, J Conrad, U Beifuss
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Copper‐Catalyzed Site‐Selective Oxidative C− C Bond Cleavage of Simple Ketones for the Synthesis of Anilides and Paracetamol
N Vodnala, R Gujjarappa, CK Hazra, D Kaldhi, AK Kabi, U Beifuss, ...
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Pharmaceutical potential of phorbol esters from Jatropha curcas oil
RK Devappa, CC Malakar, HPS Makkar, K Becker
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N Aljaar, CC Malakar, J Conrad, W Frey, U Beifuss
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An Indium (III)‐Catalyzed Synthesis of 4, 4‐Dichloro‐1‐aryl‐N‐alkyl‐1‐yn‐3‐amines via an Intermolecular C (sp2) C (sp) Bond Formation
CC Malakar, BUW Maes, KA Tehrani
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In (OTf) 3-HBF4 Assisted Multicomponent Approach for One-Pot Synthesis of Pyrazolopyridinone Fused Imidazopyridines
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D Kaldhi, N Vodnala, R Gujjarappa, CC Malakar, S Nayak, ...
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Indium‐Mediated Domino Allylation‐Lactonisation Approach: Diastereoselective Synthesis of β‐Carboline C‐3 Tethered α‐Methylene γ‐Butyrolactones
D Singh, CK Hazra, CC Malakar, SK Pandey, BS Kaith, V Singh
ChemistrySelect 3 (17), 4859-4864, 2018
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