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Phillip Haubrock
PhD Student. University Florence
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The diet of the alien channel catfish Ictalurus punctatus in the River Arno (Central Italy).
PJ Haubrock, P Balzani, I Johovic, AF Inghilesi, A Nocita, E Tricarico
Aquatic Invasions 13 (4), 2018
When alien catfish meet—Resource overlap between the North American Ictalurus punctatus and immature European Silurus glanis in the Arno River (Italy)
PJ Haubrock, M Azzini, P Balzani, AF Inghilesi, E Tricarico
Ecology of Freshwater Fish 29 (1), 4-17, 2020
Shared histories of co-evolution may affect trophic interactions in a freshwater community dominated by alien species
PJ Haubrock, P Balzani, M Azzini, AF Inghilesi, L Veselý, W Guo, ...
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Burrowing activity of Procambarus clarkii on levees: analysing behaviour and burrow structure
PJ Haubrock, AF Inghilesi, G Mazza, M Bendoni, L Solari, E Tricarico
Wetlands Ecology and Management 27 (4), 497-511, 2019
Non-English languages enrich scientific knowledge: The example of economic costs of biological invasions
E Angulo, C Diagne, L Ballesteros-Mejia, T Adamjy, DA Ahmed, E Akulov, ...
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Living with aliens: suboptimal ecological condition in semiaquatic snakes inhabiting a hot spot of allodiversity
L Stellati, N Borgianni, AM Bissattini, V Buono, PJ Haubrock, P Balzani, ...
Acta Oecologica 100, 103466, 2019
Predicting the effects of reintroducing a native predator (European eel, Anguilla anguilla) into a freshwater community dominated by alien species using a …
PJ Haubrock, P Balzani, A Criado, AF Inghilesi, E Tricarico, ...
Management of Biological Invasions 10 (1), 171, 2019
Northern crested newt (Triturus cristatus) migration in a nature reserve: multiple incidents of breeding season displacements exceeding 1km
PJ Haubrock, J Altrichter
The Herpetological Bulletin 138, 31-33, 2016
Two centuries for an almost complete community turnover from native to non‐native species in a riverine ecosystem
PJ Haubrock, F Pilotto, G Innocenti, S Cianfanelli, P Haase
Global Change Biology 27 (3), 606-623, 2021
Economic costs of invasive alien species across Europe
PJ Haubrock, AJ Turbelin, RN Cuthbert, A Novoa, E Angulo, ...
NeoBiota, 2021
Control and eradication efforts of aquatic alien fish species in Lake Caicedo Yuso-Arreo
PJ Haubrock, A Criado, AP Monteoliva, JA Monteoliva, T Santiago, ...
Management of Biological Invasions 9 (3), 267, 2018
Biological diversity in protected areas: Not yet known but already threatened
AE Rico-Sánchez, A Sundermann, E López-López, MJ Torres-Olvera, ...
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North American channel catfish, Ictalurus punctatus: a neglected but potentially invasive freshwater fish species?
PJ Haubrock, GH Copp, I Johović, P Balzani, AF Inghilesi, A Nocita, ...
Biological Invasions 23 (5), 1563-1576, 2021
Economic costs of biological invasions in Asia
C Liu, C Diagne, E Angulo, AK Barnerjee, Y Chen, RN Cuthbert, ...
Biol Invasions, this issue, 2021
Water temperature as a hindrance, but not limiting factor for the survival of warm water invasive crayfish introduced in cold periods
PJ Haubrock, J Kubec, L Veselý, M Buřič, E Tricarico, A Kouba
Journal of Great Lakes Research 45 (4), 788-794, 2019
The effects of two different preservation methods on morphological characteristics of the alien channel catfish Ictalurus punctatus (Rafinesque, 1818) in European freshwater
PJ Haubrock, P Balzani, I Johović, AF Inghilesi, E Tricarico
Croatian Journal of Fisheries 76 (2), 80-84, 2018
Assessing the impacts of the invasive Channel catfish Ictalurus punctatus in central Italy
PJ Haubrock, I Johovic, P Balzani, AF Inghilesi, A Nocita, E Tricarico
20th International Conference of Aquatic Species. October, 22-26, 2017
Predatory functional responses under increasing temperatures of two life stages of an invasive gecko
PJ Haubrock, RN Cuthbert, L Veselý, P Balzani, NJ Baker, JTA Dick, ...
Scientific reports 10 (1), 1-10, 2020
Invasion costs, impacts, and human agency: Response to Sagoff 2020
RN Cuthbert, S Bacher, TM Blackburn, E Briski, C Diagne, JTA Dick, ...
Conservation Biology 34 (6), 1579-1582, 2020
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