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A novel approach for combating Klebsiella pneumoniae biofilm using histidine functionalized silver nanoparticles
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Effect of heterocyclic nitrogen donor ligands on coordination behavior of weakly coordinating arylsulfonate: Synthesis, characterization and antimicrobial activities of [Cu(β-pic)4(2-Cl-5 …
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Supramolecular nano-engineered lipidic carriers based on diflunisal-phospholipid complex for transdermal delivery: QbD based optimization, characterization and preclinical …
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Diaquabis (ethylenediamine) copper (II) vs. monoaquabis (ethylenediamine) copper (II): Synthesis, characterization, single crystal X-ray structure determination, theoretical …
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Optimization of physicochemical parameters influencing the production of prodigiosin from Serratia nematodiphila RL2 and exploring its antibacterial activity
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Syntheses, characterization, single crystal X-ray structures and antimicrobial activities of four Cu(II) 3-halobenzoate complexes; Cu(3-chloro/bromobenzoate)2 in the presence of …
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Evading Antibody Mediated Inactivation of Bacteriophages Using Delivery Systems
VS Gondil, S Chhibber
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Isolation, characterization, statistical optimization, and application of a novel broad-spectrum capsular depolymerase against Klebsiella pneumoniae from Bacillus siamensis SCVJ30
S Chhibber, VS Gondil, J Kaur
Biomedical and Biotechnology Research Journal (BBRJ) 2 (2), 125, 2018
Effective Topical Delivery of H-AgNPs for Eradication of Klebsiella pneumoniae–Induced Burn Wound Infection
S Chhibber, VS Gondil, L Singla, M Kumar, T Chhibber, G Sharma, ...
AAPS PharmSciTech 20 (5), 169, 2019
Simple drop cast method for enumeration of bacteriophages
S Chhibber, P Kaur, VS Gondil
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Comprehensive evaluation of chitosan nanoparticle based phage lysin delivery system; a novel approach to counter S. pneumoniae infections
VS Gondil, T Dube, JJ Panda, RM Yennamalli, K Harjai, S Chhibber
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A novel wound dressing consisting of PVA-SA hybrid hydrogel membrane for topical delivery of bacteriophages and antibiotics
P Kaur, VS Gondil, S Chhibber
International journal of pharmaceutics, 118779, 2019
Endolysins as emerging alternative therapeutic agent to counter drug resistant infections.
VS Gondil, K Harjai, S Chhibber
International journal of antimicrobial agents, 2019
Antibiofilm potential of Seabuckthorn silver nanoparticles (SBT@AgNPs) against Pseudomonas aeruginosa
VS Gondil, T Kalaiyarasan, VK Bharti, S Chhibber
3 Biotech 9 (11), 402, 2019
Synthesis and characterization of new silver (I) naphthalenedisulfonate complexes with heterocyclic N-donor ligands: Packing analyses and antibacterial studies
S Kumar, RP Sharma, P Venugopalan, VS Gondil, S Chhibber, V Ferretti
Polyhedron 159, 275-283, 2019
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